How To Surprise Someone With Gifts

How To Surprise Someone With Gifts : We all love surprises. Well, most of us do. Some of us are not into surprises. But when it comes to surprise gifts, you will be hard-pressed to find someone who is against them or does not like them. It does not matter what their age is, what their relationship is to you, or anything else. Gifts are a surefire way to make the person happy. And if you can increase that happiness by making it a surprise gift, then all the better. Even the people who are witnessing the giving of a surprise gift immediately feel elated and happy even though they have no part in the transaction.

Everybody loves the moment when the person receiving the surprise gift screams with excitement and joy and the moments leading up to the surprise can make a person feel like they have butterflies in their stomach. It is a magical feeling and the best part is that giving a gift is just as fun and fulfilling as receiving one. If you want this joy to be continuous and long term then you can start giving gifts right now to all your family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and more. You can easily get wholesale holiday wrapping paper to make all your gifts look inviting.

Steps to a Great Surprise Gift

We are sure that after reading all of this, you must be more than eager to start giving gifts to anyone and everyone that you can think of. That is a good idea, but it is not as easy as it seems. Planning the perfect surprise is an art and there are a number of steps involved that you will have to take care of.

  1. First of all, you will have to buy a gift. You have to make sure that the person will love the gift otherwise the entire surprise can be ruined.
  2. Next comes the step of hiding the gift. You cannot just hide it anywhere. You have to make sure that the person receiving the gift can never think of that place. There are a number of things that can go wrong. You might be living with that person and would not be able to have the gift delivered to your house. If you are searching online, you will have to keep the receipts a secret.
  3. The third step is the final reveal. It is like the end of a magic trick when the magician does his hocus pocus and enthralls all the people by his magic. You have to create the same kind of effect.
  4. All through this process, you have to make sure that you keep the secret from that person and anyone else who might blabber to them.

Surprise Ideas

Here are some ideas that will surely surprise that special someone and have them screaming and yelling with glee like a child (ignore this if you are surprising a child).

Create A Treasure Hunt

This one should have been for children alone, but the fact is that everybody likes a good treasure hunt. You can plan a treasure hunt in your house or your office for anyone and you will soon see them racing from one cubicle to another in order to get the next clue. The last clue, obviously, will reveal the location of the gift. Just make sure that your boss is in on this or there will be a lot of problems for you. You will also have to take some of your colleagues into confidence. The same is true in the house. Get the family on your side and let the games begin!

One thing you have to make sure of is that you cannot make the treasure hunt too long or too difficult. This might take all the fun out of the game and make it boring and exhausting. The difficulty of the clues should be according to the intellect of the person who will soon (hopefully) be opening their surprise gift.

Pack the Gift In A Prank Box

Prank boxes are a lot of fun. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can fit almost any gift that you want in them. The most fun thing about a prank box is that the person receiving the gift never knows whether there is a gift in the prank box or is there a toy spider or a stuffed snake waiting to leap out at them.

You can get great shock value out of a prank box. There is the feeling of being scared of what comes out of the box as well as the longing to open the box because there might just be a gift inside. You can also record the video and upload it on YouTube to share the joy and excitement with others in your community.

Transform the Environment

Surprises can be anything from yelling “Surprise” and handing someone their gift to decorating entire rooms so that as soon as they enter the room, it takes their breath away and they stand there too shocked to move. But this will take some time, effort as well as money. Even if you cannot do it for everyone, you could save the money and make it happen for your family members or someone special. You can decorate the room in a romantic theme, a fun theme, or anything else that you like. If you know that person well, and we are hoping that you do, you can even decorate the room according to a theme that they would really like. This is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as well.


If you have someone special in your life then you will definitely want to do something to pleasantly surprise them. The difficulty is the budget; you might not have enough to decorate a whole room. Not to worry; there is no reason for gloom. You can just get candles. Candles have always been associated with events that are very special to us like birthdays, candlelight dinners, festivals, etc. the Chinese have a festival of lanterns. You will find that candles are used around the globe for celebrations and joyous occasions.

So why not you? You could get various types of candles and decorate the bedroom or any other room with them. The more budget you have the more candles you can get. This is an easy, cost-effective and highly satisfying idea that can work wonders.

Surprise Them with a Clue

If it is a trip that you are gifting then this is the best idea for it. You can gift them a calendar that has the dates of the trip marked. You can either stick various types of stickers that can hint about the trip or you can write a limerick, a short poem or a question whose answer leads to the gift.

Another way to do it is to tell them about the trip but do not tell them where you are heading off to. Just tell them what they should pack. That would really give them a chill and they would be desperately trying to investigate this trip by going through the list of things that they should take and trying to identify the place.

Plan a whole Day Of Gifts

If you think that one gift is not enough to tell the person how much you care for them and love them then why not plan a full day of gifts?

You can either hide gifts all around the house and they would find them one by one as they search through the house.

Or you can hide the gifts where that person is most likely to go for example the fridge, the cabinet over the washbasin, drawers or the wardrobe.

Another way to go about it is to pop in at different times of the day and hand over the gift with your own hands. Let them bask in the warmth and glory of being with someone who cares about them so much.

If you are worried about the cost, then just get small gifts that do not put too much pressure on your account. If you are good at keeping secrets, you can also start buying gifts well in advance so that there is no burden on you in the last days.

Tickets to an Event

Almost everyone has a list of events that they wish they could attend but cannot because of various responsibilities or not having enough cash in their pockets. If you know which event the gift receiver wants to go to, you can buy those tickets to that event. It could be opera, baseball, soccer, WWE, or anything else that they are really into. If you know of their favorite singer, find out when the singer is visiting your city and pre-book the tickets. Surprise them with the tickets when they least expect it and just watch as multiple emotions flash on their faces at the same time.

If the person is a fan of a sports team, then hide the tickets in the snack bowl when they are watching a match or a tournament. If you have tickets to the person’s favorite singer’s concert, then play their favorite song and put the tickets on top of the stereo or the computer so that they can easily find it.

Wrapping it Up (Pun intended)

These are just some of the ways that you can surprise the person that you want and give them not just a gift but also the joy and happiness of having someone like you in their lives.





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How To Surprise Someone With Gifts

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