10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Dancing

10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Dancing : Almost everybody loves to dance. Whether in general or to a special song, that is your own choice, but everybody loves to dance. When the song comes up, you just can’t help but start tapping your feet. It’s the only sane thing to do. On a friend’s night out, you almost always opt for an option that includes dancing.

When you go out on the dance floor, the world disappears and you are in a world of your own, moving your body and shaking to the groove. Whether you are alone or with someone, at that time you are in a bubble of your own and nobody and nothing can harm you. all your tensions and anxiety melt away and leaves only the thrill of the dance, the reverberations of the music and the flowing energy throughout your body.

Every time you go out, you make sure to wear your best dance clothes so that you look good on the dance floor.

Good for Health

Not only is dancing fun and enjoyable, dance is also a great way to maintain your health and improve it. You get a full body workout, you sweat and you have a lot of fun when you’re doing it. You also get to hear some of the best music available. And the best part is that all you need is yourself, you don’t need any workout equipment, you don’t need a special place, or anything else. Just your smart phone loaded with your special list of songs and you can be on your way to great physical and mental health.

Addicted? Me? Not at all

You must have heard that everything needs to be done in moderation or a variant of it like ‘Too much of anything is dangerous’. Well, it’s mostly true. No matter if you are a dance pro or just like to move; too much of it might take more away from you than delivering the benefits to you. Even if you dance to keep yourself healthy, you should make a routine so that you don’t ever overdo dancing and turn your passion into an obsession. But to keep yourself in check you have to actually know the symptoms that are there so that you can diagnose it early on.

Here is a list of 10 signs that tell you that you are probably shaking it a little too much and are Obsessed with Dancing:

Sign: 1

Whenever you go to a dance party or any other type of event where the portable dance floors are set, you are the first one on the dance floor. You don’t care that nobody is there yet and the event has just started. All you care about is the music going through your body and the feelings that it is generating in you. You don’t need a crowd to dance. You just need you.

Sign: 2

Just as you are the first on the dance floor, you are the very last one to leave the dance floor. It doesn’t matter that all the guests are leaving and everybody is looking at you in a weird way. You are definitely not going until the DJ actually starts packing his stuff.

Sign: 3

Your friends are always on the lookout for that special song that makes you yell, “THAT’S MY JAM!!!” at the top of your voice. They are actually afraid to turn on the radio in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you are in a café, at home, at a friend’s house, or just sitting in your car waiting for the signal to turn green, when that song comes on, your very own personal dance party starts.

Everybody around you is either trying to ignore you, looking at you with a weird look on their faces or making a video for their YouTube channel, Instagram, or TikTok. But does that bother you a bit? No, not at all.

Sign: 4

You can dance alone if you want, but you would rather do it with the people around you, especially your friends. Some of your friends who don’t know how to dance or who don’t want to dance are afraid of you. As soon as the music starts, you start heckling them to make them join you on the dance floor. The more they try to ignore you, the more they don’t listen to you, the more fuel it adds to your fire and you increase your attempts. Your partner is the one that bears the brunt of your love for dance the most.

Sign: 5

Your partner, roommate, or family is actually afraid of handing any chores to you. They know that you can easily turn a 15 minute task into a 2 hour job. How do you do that? You just put your Air pods in and immediately you are transported to an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. It is an irritation to the entire family, but do you care? Obviously not, you are dancing. Dancing makes the world turn.

Sign: 6

It doesn’t matter what people think, you consider yourself a professional dancer and that’s what matters. The definition of ‘professional’ is up for grabs and you don’t hold yourself against everyone else’s opinions of it. Usually what ‘professional’ means is that you have been ‘dancing’ (more like waving your arms and legs in a haphazard way) in front of your mirror with your hair brush as a microphone ever since you could stand? This has been going on through school, college, and even now. Although, now you may have the sense of checking first to see if anyone is around or not.

Sign: 7

You have your own dance move. How could you not? Every ‘professional’ dancer has one and you are not about to let people tell you that you are not one of them. Everybody who knows you even a tiny little bit knows that once you ‘Bust a Move’ it means that things are getting serious and they should start looking for other ways to entertain themselves as you are now on a mission. In your mind, people are looking at you and being totally envious of your skill. Just check around as most of the time, it actually is in your mind.

Sign: 8

People have thousands of photos of you dancing your heart out when you thought that no one was looking. It happens all the time. As soon as you are alone, you immediately start moving and grooving and from that point onward you are alone, even if you are or not. Almost every time that people walk in on you, it is to you dancing to a tune.

Some of the times you were in such a groove that they had to actually step back so that your flailing limbs won’t hurt them or break something. The thing that most people don’t know is that you have broken a few things up till now and you know that more stuff is going to get broken in the future.

Sign: 9

Every song that you hear about dancing is like it was made specifically for you. Whether it’s Billy Idol with “Dancing with Myself”, Lady Gaga with “Just Dance”, or Enrique Iglesias with “Bailamos”, you somehow believe that they knew you and were sending you a signal. You have a special playlist of all these songs and keep it for special occasions.

The same is true for almost every dance movie. No matter how good or how crappy it was, you can always relate to it and sympathize with the antagonist and sometimes even with the protagonist. You have had dreams in which you were Jessica Alba in the movie “Honey”, or you were the lead in any and all of the “Step Up” franchise, or maybe you were Jennifer Lopez or Richard Gere in “Shall We Dance?”.

These are not uncommon dreams and they keep occurring regularly. You can safely say that you are not tired of them and never will be. Sometimes you think you should visit a psychologist, but why bother? You don’t have a disease so you don’t need a cure. Or do you?

Sign: 10

You have family and friends, you also have colleagues, but the people that you immediately connect with are other dancers. It’s like a mental connection. You can spot each other as soon as you set foot in the same environment. Whether you are at the office, at a party, or any other type of event, you can single out the dance-enthusiast and the best part is that you immediately hit it off. You don’t need pleasantries; you don’t ever have awkward silences. It’s like you’ve known each other for a long time.


You might know exactly what to do when the days are not going according to your plan. You just put in your headphones, turn up the volume and immediately there is the “Beam me Up Scotty!” effect that transports you into your own world. Just make sure that you don’t take it too far. Keep the above points in mind and check yourself.




10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Dancing

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