Identify These Key Features & Benefits Of An E-prescribing Software

Identify These Key Features & Benefits Of An E-prescribing Software : E-prescribing software development can yield cost savings, improve the safety of the patient and efficiency. Using technologically advanced e-prescribing software, healthcare providers can improve pharmacy workflow and efficiency while reducing potential errors.

The evolution of technological development is to induce different industry verticals with enhanced productivity and better customer experience. The evolution of technological development is to induce different industry verticals with enhanced productivity and better customer experience. It has been seen that website development company and other relevant services are also there to help hospitals, clinics and pharmacists to integrate advanced technology and best practices that reduce manual errors, offer uniform standards, and ensure patient safety.

Electronic methods of prescribing drugs are rapidly evolving, accommodating the growth and complexities of healthcare. The e-prescribing solutions omit incorrect drug selection, wrong patient, and incorrect directions.

Despite multiple benefits, many are still unaware of the true potential of e-prescribing software. Let’s learn more about this software before highlighting its benefits and features.

Electronic Prescription Software

After retrieving approval from Medicare Modernization Act (MMA), electronic prescription software was introduced in the market. The MMA dictated a few uniform standards to appropriately implement the software.

When it was seen that many pharmacists are adopting this new technology-integrated software, MMA rolled out an incentive program for the providers.

In order to spread awareness about the software, the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2010 approved a controlled substance e-prescribing. As per the report, 91% of the community pharmacies and 34% of the office-based providers have integrated electronic prescription-routing capability.

The implementation of e-prescribing software was mainly to address modern medical issues. The advanced technology-integrated and feature-rich e-prescribing software allows screening for dosing accuracy, drug-drug interactions, and drug allergies, as well as alerting providers. With time, e-prescribing software has progressed, allowing the providers to attain maximum benefits.

Benefits of An E-prescribing Software

The benefits list of e-prescribing is exhaustive to justify why implementing this software is an advantage to your business.

Drug Error Prevention

Did you know that 95,000 prescription drug errors have been reported since 2000 (FDA)? The reason behind these errors was similar sounds or similar spelling. For instance, prescribing Valtrex instead of Valcyte to a patient with a heart transplant can be a serious problem. Here an e-prescribing assures the pharmacist to provide the right medicine.

Medication History Reconciliation

An e-prescribing software allows prescribers to check the medication history of a patient with just a few clicks. Implementation of this software can save a lot of valuable time spent in reconciling medical lists or manually committing the information to memory.

Instant Alerts

The software is more agile than humans when it comes to identifying potential errors. Prescribers can get full insights into patient data while receiving alerts when the medications contradict any kind of allergies, drug interactions, pregnancy, and therapies.

Quick Prescription

Many advanced e-prescribing software can be connected with the healthcare team to enhance workflow efficiencies and the convenience of patients. The e-prescription can be sent to pharmacies in the way legend drugs are prescribed.

Track Prescription Fulfillment

Manual or handwritten prescriptions are quite difficult to track, especially when you have to find year-old medications. With e-prescribing implemented, prescribers can easily track old diseases while monitoring potential drug abuse. Additionally, this software also allows physicians to better counsel their patients on medication management.

Quick Prescription Refill

Manual prescription refilling often takes substantial time for the medical staff. Through e-prescription software, prescribers significantly enhance the process to refill a prescription. The software allows quick review, authorization for refills freeing up the staff members for other patient-focused tasks. The additional benefit of integrating e-prescribing software is it also accepts filling medications for patients traveling.

Monitoring Controlled Prescription

Since e-prescription is a unified platform, the prescriber can seamlessly track the number of prescriptions a patient has received. This reduces the over-prescribing or doctor shopping repeatedly, making it easier to track controlled substance prescriptions.

Many states have a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) that lets multiple pharmacies track and collect specific data on substances dispensed.

Lost Prescription Prevention

Paper-based prescriptions are easy to lose whereas prescriptions stored electronically can be obtained at any time. E-prescriptions eradicated the need for rewriting or calling the pharmacy. E-prescriptions are environment friendly, which also relieves from keeping track of every prescription paper.

Improving Adherence

Did you know that 1 out of 5 prescriptions are never filled, or the prescribed medicines are not taken? Many controlled substances may not adhere to the prescriptions. With electronic prescription software, prescribers can track them down. Reports show that integration of software helps relieve the issues such as taking the lower dose as prescribed, not completing the entire course, and being unable to understand the instructions.

Eliminate Readmission Risk

E-prescription software comes with in-built robust tracking & safety features like allergy alerts, adverse drug events & more. With a comprehensive record of a patient, prescribers can eliminate the need for readmission and work on other patients.

Compliance with Insurance

Most people today prefer health insurance to assist them during critical illness treatment. Patients also prefer health providers who support Medicaid or insurance facilities. E-prescribing software programs facilitate prescribers to choose generic medicines that are likely to be covered under patients’ insurance. When a patient has fewer costs to pay, they are more likely to adhere to complete drug therapy.

Lesser Time In Verifying Orders

Accurate prescriptions save time in understanding the instructions or eliminate the chance to call prescribers to verify the orders. Additionally, the integrated features in e-prescribing software include drop-down menus, standard drug dictionaries, mandatory fields & more to ensure that the information filled is vital and correct.

Patient Safety

One of the most imperative components for pharmacists & prescribers to switch from manual drug prescription to electronic platforms is patient data security. E-prescription software adheres to rules and regulations to improve patient safety, decrease medication errors and adverse drug events.

E-prescribing has significantly assisted prescribers and pharmacists in multiple ways. The stats show a clear picture of the constructive impact of the software.






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Identify These Key Features & Benefits Of An E-prescribing Software

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