Is Eating Dried Fruit Healthy? The Answer May Surprise You!

Is Eating Dried Fruit Healthy? The Answer May Surprise You! Honeydew you know how happy you make me?

Fruit is such a tasty treat, it makes you wonder, “is dried fruit healthy?”. Unfortunately, 80% of American shoppers deal with conflicting nutritional information. While one source may tell you to eat all the dried fruit you want, another may tell you to avoid it altogether.

So, how can you find the truth, amid the confusion? For those who want real answers, we’ve created an up to date list, of the pros and cons of eating dried fruit.

So take a look! The truth is waiting for you.

Is Dried Fruit Healthy?

To answer the question, “is dried fruit healthy?”, it helps if you understand how they make dried fruit. First, companies will use drying methods to take all of the water out of the fruit.

During the drying process, the fruit will shrink, and all that’s left behind is a tiny piece of dried fruit. You’re probably used to seeing dried fruit in the form of raisins, dates, prunes, figs, apricots, and more.

Candied Fruit

Candied fruit a type of dried fruit that has a coating of sugar on it. It’s common to find candied mangoes, cranberries, pineapples, bananas, apples, and more. It’s also normal to find candied fruits in certain cereals.

Both candied and dried fruit can last longer than fresh fruit because they’re waterless. However, just because they’re a convenient snack, that doesn’t mean they should be your go-to choice, every time you want fruit. To help you understand, let’s look at the pros and cons of eating dried fruit.

Pros of Eating Dried Fruit

Pros of Eating Dried Fruit
Pros of Eating Dried Fruit

If you love eating dried fruit, you’ll be happy to know that it’s highly nutritious when it’s not candied. However, you have to eat it in moderation.

Vitamins and Minerals

As you eat your dried fruit, your body will be able to enjoy getting fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The type of fruit you eat will determine exactly what vitamins you’re body’s getting. For instance, dried apricots are especially great if you’re looking to up your calcium intake.

Source of Antioxidants

Dried fruit is a major source of antioxidants. Polyphenols are the most common antioxidant you’ll find in dried fruit.

Polyphenol antioxidants reduce your risks of getting certain diseases. They also promote a stronger digestive system.

Improve Blood Flow

Finally, dried fruit can help improve poor circulation because of the antioxidants present. Raisins, or dried grapes, are especially healthy because they have high potassium counts. Eating raisins may be able to help control blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Cons of Eating Dried Fruit

A disadvantage of eating dried fruit is that it contains a lot of sugar and calories. Since they took all of the water out of the fruit, all of the sugars and calories can condense themselves into a tiny package.

High in Fructose

Dried fruit has natural sugars, however, they still contain a lot of fructose. Eating too much fructose can cause you to gain weight, and it also increases your risk of getting heart disease.

Easy to Overeat

Another disadvantage is that because dried fruit is so tiny, it’s easy to overeat. Eating a large amount of dried fruit in one sitting, means you’re taking in an excess of sugar and calories.

Cancerous Candied Fruits

Finally, candied fruit, or sugar-coated dried fruit, is something you should always avoid. Not only can these fruits cause you to gain weight, but there’s also research that suggests certain sugars might increase the risk of getting cancer.

Foods That Give You Energy

If you’re looking for foods that are going to give you the energy boost you need, dried fruit shouldn’t be your first choice. Instead, try one of these energy-boosting foods:

  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Beef liver
  • Almonds
  • Oysters
  • Beans
  • Sardines
  • Walnuts in paragraph coffee
  • Berries
  • Dark chocolate

Getting the protein you need is a fast way to refuel your body. If you want a snack that’s as easy to pack as dried fruit, try eating almonds for protein.

Complex Carbohydrates


Oatmeal is also great at boosting energy because it’s a complex carbohydrate. This means that oatmeal is full of the fiber and nutrients your body needs. Since it takes a while to digest oatmeal, your body will get a steady supply of energy.

Stay Full Longer

Eggs also provide study fuel to your body, so it’ll take a while until you feel hungry again. If you’ve noticed your energy levels are lower than usual, it could be because you’re not getting enough of the vitamin B12. Luckily, beef liver is a great source of B12, and it’ll also help you stay fuller longer.

Strengthen Your Immune System

To be healthy and energetic, eat oysters because they contain a lot of zinc. Consuming zinc strengthens your immune system, by helping your body fight off bad germs.

Protein and Magnesium

Beans have a ton of fiber, which means they take a while for your body to digest. Instead of getting hungry, eating beans helps you stay full, while also giving you a dose of protein and magnesium. Both protein and magnesium are the ingredients your cells need to create energy.

Power of Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruits contain something called phytonutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables have tons of phytonutrients, and they fight off chronic diseases.

When you eat a variety of fruits in your diet, you’ll be treating your body to all sorts of helpful phytonutrients. Here’s a shortlist of phytonutrients and the fruits that provide them:

  • Cantaloupe and Apricots: Beta carotene
  • Green Apples and Kiwi: Lutein
  • Bananas: Allicin
  • Cherries and Raspberries: Anthocyanins

Orange fruits contain the phytonutrient beta carotene. Beta carotene helps improve your immune system, bone health, and vision.

Fruits that are green and contain lutein, can help keep your eyes healthy. When you eat white fruits that contain allicin, you’ll be able to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Finally, if you need pain relief, red fruits contain anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, called anthocyanins.

Healthy Tasty Treats

There you have it! The real answer to the question, “is dried fruit healthy?”. Now, the next time you hear someone dealing with the dried fruit debate, you’ll be able to tell them the truth.

Are you ready to learn more truth’s about what foods are healthy? Go ahead and check out the rest of this site, right now!






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Is Eating Dried Fruit Healthy? The Answer May Surprise You!

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