Is there any difference between THC-O and CBD?

Is there any difference between THC-O and CBD?
Is there any difference between THC-O and CBD?

Is there any difference between THC-O and CBD? The popularity of alkaloids has confused people between different CBD compounds. Are you familiar with it? What do you know about various cannabinoids? Different alkaloids have different chemical configurations. Hence they hold distinct properties.

People generally get confused between CBD and THC-O. Do you also think that these two are similar?

Whenever you think about CBD, do you think it will make you high? As most people are confused between the two compounds, we have tried to draw a line between them.

The two compounds may treat some common problems, but they are different.

Here in this article, we discuss how CBD is different from THC-O.

Let’s know about CBD.

The cannabis Sativa plant comprises over 80 different compounds. One of them is known as cannabinoids. CBD is a molecule found in the Cannabis sativa plant or marijuana. THC is another alkaloid present in Cannabis plants. It is present in negligible amounts. It is known to have impacts on certain brain chemicals. And they can make you high. Therapeutic cannabinoids CBD can solve many health issues. Not only humans, but animals like cats and dogs can also enjoy its benefits.

CBD can be used to treat epilepsy. It is also advantageous to treat anxiety, pain, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and several other ailments. These usages are in the elementary stage; it requires further studies. The sale of hemp and hemp merchandise is currently legal in the United States, according to legislation passed in 2018.

CBD is also allowed as an ingredient in “cosmetic” products. This extraordinary compound is not suitable for foods or dietary supplements lawfully.

The skin-related benefits provided by CBD are:

  • It keeps your skin soft and glowing.
  • It can hide the signs of aging.

Popular magazines like Forbes have also featured the compound. They have started to see them as an incredible substitute for many beauty products.

Let’s know about THC -O

It may sound new to us, but the US military began researching its effects in 1949. They found it after many years of research. They discovered that it destroyed dogs’ muscles. And its coordination was twice as much as the standard delta-9 THC.

A cannabis extract was blended with acetic anhydride by a clandestine faculty in Jacksonville, Florida. It led to the formation of THC-O or THC anhydride. Some of the companies in the cannabis sector are concerned about the manufacturing of THC-O acetate. The reason is that its potency may lead to exploitation. The federal drug agency declined to investigate this strange substance further.

The compound exists naturally in marijuana plants. But as it is present in traces, artificial THC-O got popular. Let us know how formulators make it. The procedure is a series of extractions that begin with hemp, a low-THC-containing plant. To prepare this molecule, they mix THC molecules with acetic anhydride. It is a highly ignitable chemical. It is made federally legal in the 2018 farm bill by Congress.

First, we obtain delta 8 THC molecules from CBD. We manufacture this cannabinoid with the help of raw hemp. We get the beneficial compound by adding acetic anhydride to the previously obtained molecules of delta-8. If prepared carefully, the pure compounds look like thick brown liquids. It resembles motor oil in texture. It has enormous benefits to offer. You can consume it in cape cartridges, gummies, and tinctures. Its consumption involves health concerns, so one should not have it without a doctor’s suggestion.

Typically, active compounds of cannabis are not lethal. But, when it comes to ten times more potency, it is advisable to start with smaller proportions. The case is similar to THC-O. The compound is 3 times more potent than THC. So, experts suggest going for low dosages in the beginning.

CBD and THC-O: Understand the difference

The two most common chemical components discovered in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. Although, cannabis includes over 140 distinct chemical compounds. Among them, these two herbs are the most popular ones.The professors of the University of California say that cannabis effects are responsible for recreational medicinal use. The statement comes after a study at Irvine’s Center for the Study of cannabis.

These two cannabinoids are the reason behind this herb’s miraculous benefits. Marijuana is federally illegal, but it is legal in 15 states for recreational use and 35 states and Washington, DC for medical use. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, marijuana contains much more CBD than hemp. Hence, it is highly addictive. The high amount of THC is hazardous to health.

According to studies, the difference originates from a simple fact:

  • When we consume THC-O in high amounts, it becomes unhealthy. It is associated with the high or stoned feeling of marijuana.
  • CBD causes euphoria, but it does not lead to a high. It is not a psychoactive substance. It does not have the same potent mental effects as THC. So, even in high amounts, it is not lethal.
  • THC-O, unlike CBD, is a prodrug. It starts acting after the assimilation of the drug. Users also mention that its products are on similar grounds with mescaline.

Uses of THC-O

The tests upon the usability of the compound need a lot more validation. It has not received a green signal from any lab by now. But, the reviews of users say something else.

The reviews say that it is helpful in:

  • Dealing with pain
  • Fighting depression and anxiety
  • Boost Appetite

The users bring forward these benefits. Any clinical studies in support are not available.


THC-O and CBD are derivatives of the cannabis plant. However, these two compounds have distinct properties. That makes them completely different. The potency of these two compounds is highly diverse.

THC acetate is associated with high or psychoactive effects. On the other hand, CBD is known for its benefits on health. Before using either, consult with your doctor and consider how these will interact with any other medications you are currently taking. Do not go for a DIY THC-O preparation. Unlike CBD gummies, it requires expert surveillance.




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Is there any difference between THC-O and CBD?