Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost a Fortune : You do not have to spend a lot of money to make a grand gesture during Valentine’s Day. Sure, taking your sweetheart to an expensive restaurant and buying him/her tons of gifts is wonderful, but sometimes our pockets do not just allow that.

But do not worry, there are always other options. Forget about the traditional flowers and chocolates. You can get your loved one’s meaningful gifts such as a custom keychain, personalized mugs, scrapbooks, coasters, etc. Most of these gifts are not only inexpensive, but they are a great way to show you care and love your significant other without going into debt on the 14th of February.

  1. Custom Keychain

    A custom keychain will not only keep your partner’s keys safe but will show them how much you care for them.  It is a nice idea to remind them that you are always with them whether the keys are kept in the car, purse, backpack, or pocket.

    With a customized keychain, you can engrave your name on it, initials with a heart shape, an important date such as your anniversary, romantic messages, and so much more. Simply, personalize the custom keychain to symbolize the special bond you share with them.

    The best thing about giving a custom keychain as a gift for Valentine’s Day is that it is unique, thoughtful, useful, and durable.

  2. Give Your Loved One a Day Off

    Valentine’s is usually an expensive and busy day. Restaurants are normally fully packed. Flowers are somehow expensive. And chocolate boxes are just too common. Couples feel too much pressure during this day as they feel entitled to buying costly gifts and treating their loved ones. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

    You can change the usual ‘Valentine’s Day norm’ and simply spoil your loved one at home. Give them a day off from any chores. Prepare for her a bubble bath with oil-infused rose petals, take care of the kids, cook for her a remarkable meal, open a fine bottle of wine for her, watch a romantic movie, and cuddle up.

    Most women find it sexy when their men take care of them, and besides, you won’t spend a fortune by staying at home. She will surely thank you for an amazing meal and for letting her relax during this day. Besides, spending time at home with your sweetheart is much more rewarding than stressing about where to take her and what kind of gift to get.

  3. A Wooden Frame that Tells your Story

    Find pictures that mark memorable moments of your relationships such as the first date, your engagement, anniversary, your wedding, etc. You can hang these precious moments on a wooden frame and present them as a gift to your loved one. The wooden frame can be hung on the wall and not only will your other half remember you every time they look at it, but it will add a little love into your home.

  4. Mixed Tape

    Making a mixed tape may sound old school, but it is one of the best and most inexpensive gift ideas. Besides, it won’t cost you a lot to make one, only your time and effort. You can create a playlist of songs that you two enjoy. If not, you can create a mixtape with some of the most romantic songs that you dedicate to your partner. A mixed tape makes an exceptional and thoughtful gift, that is certain to impress anyone.

  5. Valentine’s Day-Themed Scrapbook

    You can buy Valentine’s Day-themed scrapbook kit online and use it to celebrate your relationship. This can be an impressive gift idea for your partner since they can mark every important part of your life in the book.

  6. Candle Making Kit

    Other items that are hard to miss during Cupid’s day are candles. Get yourself a candle-making kit and make personalized candles for your loved ones. The kit can include essential oils, colorful stones, etc. In short, the kit comes with everything you need to make the perfect candles. Besides, candles are always considered to be romantic. And making them for your partner using their favorite scent proves that you care. You can also engrave both your initials on the candles.

  7. Customized Mugs

    How about a mug with a heart shape or a message to your partner? You can make a mug of love with messages such as “you are my cup of tea” or “I love you a whole latte” to your partner, family, or friends. They are sure to think about you every day they drink their cup of coffee. The custom mugs are a way to let them know that you care and they are sure to make their mornings.

  8. Flowers

    Flowers are a common valentine’s day gift. A bunch of flowers is a beautiful and romantic gift that every girl will love on Cupid’s day. Besides, they do not have to be from an expensive florist. You can get them from the local grocery store at a cheaper price. Moreover, skip the delivery and deliver them in person. This will make a big ‘I love you gesture’ and be cheaper than delivery.

    Remember that flowers will die after the big day. So you can still choose to be creative when getting the flowers. You can get them a beautiful rose bush that they can plant in a planter indoors or outside in the garden. This way, they will always remember you when they water it or look at it every day.

  9. Wrapping up

    You don’t have to break the bank to let your loved ones know that you love them. So, whether you take them out on dinner, cook for them at home, get them a custom keychain, a flower bouquet, or chocolate remember that creating time for them and spending time with them is the most inexpensive gift of all. Make sure you complement your “I love you” by putting your time and effort to make your partner feel cherished.




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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost a Fortune

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