Keep On Your Smiles.

S M I L E, it Sets you free of tensions, it Makes you special, it Increases your face value, it Lifts up your spirits and Erases all of wrinkles on your face. It is your smile.

It is a facial expression formed by flexing those muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth. It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown. Customarily, a smile is an expression denoting pleasure, happiness, or amusement. Cross-cultural studies have shown that smiling is used as a means of communicating emotions throughout the world. It confuses an approaching frown person. People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. If you are with someone, your smile would tell him that you’re comfortable with him. If you smile at someone, they might smile back. It is treated as the universal welcome.

This is the only virtue of human character which gets appreciation all over the world. You happen to smile for the ones you love because a simple smile is all it takes to make one happy. It conquers everything and leaves the best of us speechless, we can hide a lot behind a smile. Actually, it is accepted as a language of love, a way to get success, a tool to win the hearts. It improves our personality and face value too. Our face is the mirror of our thoughts and it reveals all the feelings and emotions hidden deep inside. And smile adds glow to our face and grace to our personality. To express anger, it is said, we strain more nerves, while to smile only a few nerves are put to work. With a charming smile, we can do wonders. Others are put to ease with a sweet smile and they feel we are more closer to them. A mere smile even without uttering a word, reveals affection, appreciation and at times, sympathy to the needy. In case you appear to be rude with someone who has come to you in the hour of his/her need, you won’t be able to win the heart and get the correct information. It helps the person to establish a good impression. It shows the attitude of the person and willingness to lend a helping hand.

A smiling face gets instant welcome. Though the person may not be of much worth otherwise, the smile makes up the difference. It creates a pleasant feeling in the mind of the onlooker. It has its own wonder. It enlivens the atmosphere. When we put up a smiling face in adversities, in moments of sorrow (feeling in depth) and during other trying periods as a social obligation, of course, we can smile away certain embarrassing questions or avoid any commitments by using this harmless signal free of cost. We must start every day with a smile and get it over with. If you wear a smile over your face always, you will have friends; If you wear a scowl you may soon develop wrinkles.

No matter how grouchy you’re feeling, you’ll find the smile more healing. It grows in a wreath, all around the front teeth – It preserves the face from congealing. Every day you spend without a smile, you must feel it that it is a lost day Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

For the salesmen, this is an indispensable work tool he can not do without. It is his survival kit, a preface to the gift of the gab he might possess. This can even be described as bait for his daily bread! With a flash of smile and being vivacious, we spread exuberance around. The shortest distance between two people is a smile It makes the gathering scintillating. Like we score a little more mark in the exam simply because of our neat handwriting. In life too, we gain more marks by a cheerful smile and thereby expressing an agreeable face. A tremendous amount of goodwill is gained through this seemingly simple gesture. Most important benefit of a smiling face is ease of relationship in family. It generates optimism, energy and a keen sense of belonging spontaneously. This collectively leads to togetherness. To keep your family happy, you need to keep smiling every time except for the moments you need to maintain some discipline.

A great smile can make a face; leave another reeling under your impression. All you’ve got to do it think of celebrities like Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, Hindi film actress Katrina Kaif, and you’ll get what we are talking about. Crooked, dull and yellowing teeth and cavities are the biggest hurdles in your search for a dazzling smile. Often, it’s the junk food you gorge on, number of cigarettes your smoke and the cups of tea and coffee your down that decide what your smile will look like. Discoloration of teeth can be due to external factors like consumption of caffeine. This can be treated by polishing the teeth. Internal staining could be due to medicine or the presence of fluoride in water. This can be rectified through tooth lamination or pasting a false white coating.
It is generally said, “Frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you.” Here’s how to develop a genuine smile that can make a bad date turn good, seal a business deal, and help you make friends wherever you go.

1. For a decent smile, you need to practice good hygiene. If you’ve got bits of food stuck in your teeth, people may indeed say you have an infectious smile, but they might be talking about actual infections. It should go without saying, but regularly brushing your teeth and making sure your breath is fresh are some prerequisites to a good smile. If your teeth are stained, visit the dentist for a polishing or use a whitening product, and take care of your lips to prevent chapping. When you smile people will inevitably look at your mouth, so following these considerations will help you make a better impression, and, more importantly, a healthy mouth will make you feel more confident about smiling.

2. Many people are a little nervous about smiling. They don’t think their smile looks good, or they think that smiling makes them look unprofessional or vulnerable. It’s true that a smile does show a little vulnerability, but that’s part of what makes it so powerful. No matter how professional, intelligent, or in control you think a serious face (or worse, a frown) makes you appear, people almost always respond better to a smile. You must learn to smile when it is warranted even for a little spell.

3. The easiest way to a great smile is to be happy. You can be happy all the time, but not everybody is; when you are not, you can think happy thoughts instead. Think about something or someone that you care about, or think about a joke that you just find hilarious. Remarkably, when you’re feeling down, smiling can help cheer you up, even if you have to coax a smile out at first.

4. You can Smile with your eyes too. Begin your smile with your eyes. The eyes may actually be more essential to a warm, genuine smile. If you find that every time you try to smile with your mouth, you look like you’re faking it or, worse, like you’re in pain, you may find it useful to look in a mirror and smile only with your eyes. Once your eyes are smiling, they tend to pull your whole face (including your mouth) into a natural, beautiful smile. Smiling with your eyes is difficult to describe–in general your cheekbones lift slightly and your eyebrows dip a little–but when you see it, you know it: it’s that look of your eyes “lighting up” or “twinkling.” To get a feel for how to make your eyes smile, get in front of a mirror and practice smiling, but concentrate only on your eyes. You may find it helpful to cover the lower part of your face with a piece of paper. Play around with it a bit, and you’ll find that you can make your mouth smile when your eyes aren’t smiling, and you can also smile only with your eyes. When your eyes do smile, remember how it feels, which muscles are working and how. With practice, you’ll be able to smile with your eyes at will.

5. It’s a common complaint, and while it’s true that any smile is better than a frown, it’s also true that some smiles look better than others. What’s your best smile? One way to find out is to look through pictures of yourself. Many people who consider themselves unphotogenic are plagued by bad smiles in front of the camera, but just about everybody has at least one picture in which they just look great, with a perfectly natural, contagious smile. Find that picture and focus on what your face is doing. Then practice in front of a mirror until you get it just right. Keep practicing, and pay attention to how that great smile feels, so that you’ll be able to replicate it without looking in a mirror. Soon it will become second nature, and you’ll likely find that you’ll look more photogenic in your next batch of pictures. A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks and smiling faces are always found to be beautiful. Daily smiling must be you’re your favorite exercise.

6. If you want to improve your smile, look at pictures of smiles that you believe are beautiful. Also, think good thoughts and remember that you are beautiful (inside and out). Your smile is bound to look better if you feel good about yourself!

7. Not everybody has perfect teeth, and that’s okay. Beautiful teeth are nice, but a great smile doesn’t depend on Abercrombie & Fitch teeth. That said, if you feel uncomfortable about your teeth you may be reluctant to smile, and that’s no good. If that’s the case, either learn to appreciate your individuality, look into cosmetic dentistry procedures, or visit your dentist every six months.

8. A fake smile can make you look phony, nervous, or even dangerous, so don’t just try to put on a smile without first practicing or putting yourself in a happy state of mind. Body language reflects our innermost feelings, and it’s often easier to change our attitudes than to try to make our bodies communicate emotions we don’t really feel, like if you are very happy it will show through your teeth. If you smile a huge smile when someone looks at you, you will look like a freak. So keep a tiny smile and not a big one.

9. Please put aside chocolates, chips, biscuits and such foodstuffs that lodge between your teeth and stay there. Make sure your gargle thoroughly or brush after eating these.

10. Gums are vital to a good smile. The proportion of the gums and teeth need to be balanced. Otherwise, you either have a gummy smile (gums more visible than teeth), or a toothy smile (teeth are very prominent). This could be hereditary or due to poor oral habits, medication or diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Cavities can also push back gums, leading to a toothy smile. A gummy smile can be fixed through crown lengthening (removal of gum tissue or bone to expose more of the tooth structure). A toothy smile may need an attachment of crowns and veneers (a thin layer of material is placed over the tooth surface). Since Calcium strengthens the teeth, please try to have 1 glass of milk a day and eat a lot of ragi (finger millet). Vegetables like spinach and bananas are calcium-rich making them good for tooth enamel. Citrus fruits and amla have Vitamin C that helps strengthen the gums. You may brush your teeth using a paste made from baking soda, salt and white vinegar for 2-3 minutes. Rinse your mouth with water, and brush using a toothpaste for another 2 minutes. Very frequently, you can undertake a gentle massage of your teeth with baking soda and a few drops of lemon juice or with mashed strawberries, then with toothpaste. Rinse your mouth immediately to protect enamel against corrosion. You may wash your teeth with a mixture of mustard oil and salt. Since apple is loaded with vitamins that are natural whiteners, you may have one daily; it’s good for health too.

Be Happy and keep smiling