Lead your life Actively

When you live your life unconsciously, you can easily fall into the trap of desperation. To be happy, you need to lead it actively. Many people feel that they have no control. Why so? Actually they appear to have lost their vision, their wish to convert the adversaries into opportunities. You are also there where these desperate people live. It is your approach how you make your life.

When you lead your life consciously and actively, you live a life of active determination where all your dreams can come true. Many people are sleepwalking whatever comes their way, while others actively engage in the process of life. They win the battle.

You know! What is the difference between these people? It is a matter of awareness. The sleepwalkers of the world are unaware of their own capacity and identity. They are unaware of the powers they process and have chosen to follow a path that relates to the events and experiences of life from a damage control point of view. They do not have any initiative.They still create the events and experiences at their own but they are creating unconsciously and are unaware what they have brought forth into their reality exactly what they have created. They don’t recognise them as their own and therefore take no credit for them. They view the events and experiences of their lives as something happening to them by some circumstances completely unrelated and beyond their control.

We must change our base thought about life from the idea that we are here to “learn the lessons of life and discover who we are,” to those that say “we are here to create the life that we choose and determine what we intend to be”. We must lead our life actively and take action what is desired, not what is dictated by the circumstances. It is only through conscious living that you can create the life that you truly desire and want. It is only through conscious living that you can changfrom ‘Quiet desperation” to “active manifestation.” You will have to watch your health, your finances, your family, your future plans, your responsibilities towards your parents, child care, their education and your own spouse. You need to fix up your priorities, your spirituality-related activities, your regular exercises and your own hobbies. If you do not do them for yourself, none else would care for you.

Just like everything in life, awareness is a process. You won’t just wake up one day and say that you are aware of your self. No, you will have to cultivate your awareness. Feed it with good thoughts and exercise it daily. Be aware that you are aware and the next thing you know, you are aware. It builds on itself and you will love to watch your progress. I repeat again that to be happy, you need to lead your life actively, take your decisions at your own and become active decision maker of your life. You need to lead your life actively.