Enhance Your Longevity

A recent research indicates that increasing quality – health services, development of anti-aging technology and awareness is ensuring enhancement in life expectancy world over and by the year 2030, we may ensure 100 years of life as average.

What do you mean by the life of hundred years (or more)? Your answer is definitely hidden in your intent how you take it. What colors have you used in your life-canvas? If it is filled in with the colors of love, the period of 100 years (or more) is too less and if there is no love or it is full of discontent, you won’t like to live for another 100 days even. Asking the question of longevity is reasonable to that person only, who knows what the life does mean. A person who does not have any aspiration with life, who does not know why he/she has been bestowed upon with the bliss of life, does not wish to think over – he is just living the life till the breath lasts. It makes no difference to that person if the life span is for 100 years or 1000 years – more or less. But life is to live it – it means how you wish to live and as many days you live, you live it enjoyably with full intent to do it according to your wish. It is the life.

Life is your representation
And divine intervention, too.
If it gets your colors, it is you,
And if it fails, it is a waste too.

I take the life as our representation in this world. How I lived my life, would be quoted after my death, whenever there be any need of reference to me. If I treat my life structure to be my destiny, it means that I just live it because I have got some breath. Destiny is always beyond my control. But I can make my life happy – to do so, there are a number of ways. If I wish to live it for 100 years or more, I need to create that kind of environment in which I may be able to do it, I may wish to live it and that can be possible if I do it comfortably. How? I will have to look upon my life-canvas and see which color is thick – it must be of love only. If I do it with hate, repression or discrimination, I assure that none, including my son, my daughter, my relatives, my friends or you, would ever like to remember me, even if I become a historic personality.

It is sufficient for me to live a life of 50 years or less if that is filled up with love of those for whom I wish to live. If life is not with the colors of my choice – I do not need it. As bigger would be the canvas, more would be my displeasures with it. Daily in obituary column, I am seeing the photos of the persons dying after 100 years of life, many of them are unknown and with clear wrinkles on the face indicating how dismal was their lives and looking as such they might have been dependent upon their-once-dependents even for their routine natural needs. What is the fun of living so many years? Weight not only on the immediate family but on the society and national economy too!

I have seen some elders to be blessing their youngsters to live for 100 years. Why 100 only? Why not more? Why are you not going beyond that figure? What is the benefit if the life is full of grievances. No, I beg to differ with them – I wish my youngsters to live a good life instead. It does not mean that I do not wish long age. I wish it for you, for my family members, my relatives, my friends, my readers, my well wishers, my beloved and my enemies too – but the life must be full of love. Kindly exclude it from hate, repression and discrimination – make it happy. We must forget our past follies, our wrongs, our grievances, tender our apologies and try to make good the losses wherever possible if we truly believe that we had caused them on any account.

A person is rich or poor; it does not make any difference for the heart. It will respire for both in the same way – it does not discriminate. Rich has money to support but the poor does not have enough to do. But even if both do not define their lives appropriately, they wish to live long and longer. One says, “I do have a number of jobs still outstanding, God may bless me some more years.” He keeps himself busy in the process and the list of the outstanding jobs does not come to an end – its length continues to add up. You may too like to have longer life, here are the submissions for your kind consideration to act upon after due consultation with your health care consultant:
1. Every adult should consume daily, not less than 1.5 ltr pure water but reduce the intake of salt to the extent of 5mg or lesser.
2. You should not gain weight more than what your age and body structure require. Monitor it by taking your weight daily in the morning immediately after getting up from the bed and after first urination. If there is an increase of 1kg or more in any week, kindly consult your health care taker.
3. Have good diet plan individually keeping in view your mental and physical requirements.
4. Exercise strengthens your body and essential muscles. You can undertake cycling, walking, jogging, swimming as you wish and as advised by your health care taker.
5. Give up smoking and use of tobacco/injurious drugs in any mode. They put you in dire consequences like wrinkles on face, deformed teeth, lessening glow of the skin, clotting of blood, misbalance in blood pressure levels and many other serious diseases.
6. Try to reduce your depression by yoga. It will help you better digestion, sleep, de-addiction of alcohol etc. and improve your personality as well.
7. Excessive use of alcohol is harmful to your liver, efficiency, weight and increases the risk of heart attacks. Try to give up as early as possible.
8. Kindly get your health check-up regularly through experts and implement their advice.
9. Try to fill up your life with love, love and love only. If you wish welfare of others, they would not harm you in the first instance. If they do, God will not forgive – I believe.

Be Happy – Enhance Your Longevity.