Always Keep Yourself Positive

Self-confidence is that capital which can facilitate every viable thing for you. This helps you how and why to have confidence upon yourself and how to respect yourself. Ironically, whenever we take up any job, we worry what the other people will comment upon our status and our working. If their reaction is negative and you get influenced, believe me, you won’t be able to complete your job successfully. If you ignore them, you would surely achieve your target. As better is your self-confidence, so wider would be your success spectrum.

Whatever we are going to do, we must have full confidence over that. First, you may gather all the plus and minus points of the issue/project/job, study them, compare them with other options available with thorough primary and secondary research and after examining the viability in all the possible terms, you may decide whether you are going to take up or not. If you decide not to take up, forget and take the next one. If you decide it to take up, go on. Now, you need not to take approval from any third person. Once began, you should not worry what other people may say. If you prefer others’ comments, you are keeping yourself slave to their good wishes. You will keep yourself always worried about others’ views whereas you need to build up your own confidence. I am making some tested steps in this direction for your kind consideration:

• You must care for your looks and your dress. They play an important role in the development of your confidence. Many times, people do not care about your dress as much you feel. It is true that good dress and good looks instill a lot of confidence and fill you with the desired energy, when you face some other persons. If you are not comfortable with your dress at any occasion, your discomfiture reflecting in your behavior, delivery or presentation would definitely draw the attention of the persons with whom you are meeting, discussing or to whom you are presenting your matter. This may affect your body language and perhaps you may be victim of nervousness at that time. It is therefore essential that you must have good dress and good looks. A little attention towards self-grooming up, sometime in advance of the occasion, would definitely pay a lot. Your manners of having good clothes and looks will become your mark of identification. Not occasionally, kindly make it your habit that you prefer better clothing and you keep yourself up for any occasion at all the times.

• Well-dressed does not mean that you should have hundreds of dresses and you are wearing a new set of dress every day. No, you may have a few but they must of good texture, well pressed and clean. You may have lesser clothes but better maintenance.

• Your self confidence instilled with proper clothing would speed up your walking steps and it would save your time by 25 to 30 percent. If you keep yourself young in your heart, you would soon start to look accordingly. Those who lack self confidence walk slowly, talk slowly and achieve slowly. Walking properly, sitting properly, working deeply and talking fearlessly make your problems easy all the time. This much you can do very easily. Just you need to pay a little attention more towards your postures and your attitude towards working.

• To keep up your self confidence, you need to have affirmative statements always in your deliveries. It is very easy – just you are to modify your language of talking and replace the words of negativism with positive tone, without changing the conclusion. This practice opens up new avenues in spite of having faced major losses in the recent past. When your brain adopts new things due to your positive outlook, it will erase the sad memories easily and take you to new constructive matters always.

• The best method to develop positive attitude is to repeat the positive statements yourself so many times, so loudly, and sometimes, so slowly that it may become a part of your memory. You can go through the related literature or listen to the recorded speeches repeatedly. You can record good motivational thoughts/quotes in your voice. You can record your past achievements and good times and how you got the successes. You can record your good experiences as well. These all things work as motivational elements in the time of your distress. If you listen to your own voice about motivational matter, it would have greater effect on you. You can do it while you are taking your meals, you are taking bath, you are driving to your office or you are just relaxing at your home. This practice may put your thinking to the positive tracks.

• As soon as we decide to do something, we need to think immediately how to achieve that target – we should start thinking immediately. Except that target, we should never think anything else or otherwise we won’t be able to get our target.

• You must compare yourself with others. Make a list of your positive and negative points and a list of negative points of your opposite person. Watch who is on better position and why? How can you become better? If not, why, why and why not can you be able to become better? Study the shortcomings and try to overcome them. Self introspection should be carried out sincerely. Before you say you are better than others, you must examine yourself and become better before to say so.

• You must drop your habit of back-biting. Never say any ill about anybody who is near to you. You can not imagine the character of the other person to whom you are talking, whether he is your friend or your enemy, internally.

• Many people like to sit on the back benches in the meetings, conferences or seminars and do not utter a single word. Why? They do lack their self confidence. They feel if they speak something and if that happens to be wrong, the people may take them as fools. No, the people may take you in notice or not, your confidence would come down further. You must attend the meetings, conferences, seminars with full preparation and speak out on the relevant matters with full confidence.

• If you are taking front benches, you will understand the matter easily, you can question easily and you can eradicate the illogical fear easily. On the front line, you will be able to come into the eyes of other participants as well. It will develop your confidence further.

• You must increase the number of your group discussions. If your frequency goes up, your confidence will also go up.

• All the actors/actresses in Film Industry, models and celebrities always keep themselves up physically fit, take nutrients, food supplements and properly dressed all the time. They continue to learn new things, new styles and keep themselves exposed to latest dancing trends, etiquettes and developments. They have to memorize the dialogues and speak them so many times – they have to perform the actions so many times, without indicating any tiredness, with full of emotions as the director wishes to do. For this, they have to maintain themselves. Their good health ensures patience, stamina, energy and their vigor to go on. If they do not do so, they may fizzle out soon. For self confidence, you need to give best performance. And if you have negative approach, you can not give even good performance.

• Self confidence comes to your nature as soon as you build up positive approach. Take it easy that those who you believe are successful have also gone through rough weathers. In course of time, they have developed self confidence when they learnt to do the things in positive approach. You can also develop the same attitude before coming into rough weathers. The change of your attitude will reflect in your body language and the people will start to take you along.

• Kindly never think that you do not know to do anything and you should not take up any job. No, none in this world came down fully trained. God has created resources and equipped the mankind with intelligence to use them. It depends upon us how to do it. You too are one amongst His creatures and well equipped with the same intelligence – you need to harness it effectively. As soon as you do it, you will be happy.

Be Happy – always keep yourself positive.