Democratize yourself

As we generally understand, democracy is a form of government in which power is held indirectly by citizens in a free electoral system. In this system, all citizens have equal access to power and enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties. They participate to elect their representatives to form some house in which issues relating to their welfare are raised, discussed upon and laws are made for their solutions. It is in political terms.

What does it mean in our real life? As far as our civic rights are concerned, democracy is being treated growlingly as the best method of self-governance because every member does have right to express the opinion and final decision whatever be taken by majority is acceptable to every one. In our real life, if we adopt the same system, it can relieve us of many tensions. For example, if you are head of a family,
it is obviously your duty to look after the interests of all the members without any discrimination. Your attention to a particular member can be more in exceptional circumstances only. You are going to take some decision on some issue which has concern for the family but that may be a turning point for the life of a particular member – like education, marriage or some other issue. If you do not discuss the issue with the member in particular, your decision may not be welcomed by the person being affected. It can be possible that while taking decision, you may not be able to attend some important point which is in the knowledge of that person or other persons. God has given us one tongue but two ears. It means that we must listen more than speaking.

As a chairman of the Board of Directors of a company, as a chairman in some meeting, as a head of your family, or as a captain of your team, you would be having wider imagination but if you listen to the persons concerned, it would give you a better chance of deciding- there is no harm. In another case, if you are going to marry, you need to discuss with your would-be spouse about your future relationship. It may give you better foundation. To democratize yourself does not mean that you are on the verge of loosing your power of decision making. No, it is to equip yourself with other options too, with the willingness of those persons too which may be affected sooner or later. Some time, a unilateral decision taken by a Government has to be taken back after the public protests – why? That happens because the Government might have not taken the decision without taking the majority in confidence. Same applies to our real life also. If we take decision unilaterally, it is possible that soon our team may break up and your tensions may increase. It is, therefore, pertinent to think how wider your decision making process is. A collective leadership by democratizing yourself will help you not only to increase the productivity but minimize challenging your authority also.

Be happy and democratize yourself to the maximum extent.