It is your day of your success

If you treat yourself a man of conviction and you settle a purpose to achieve, it is sure that you would accomplish it and nothing can resist you in the process. You will continue to think over and act upon what you are going to give up in order reaching to your objective.

In our early ages, most of us might have been requesting God to enlighten us why we couldn’t get ourselves to
do what we needed to do to get our simple goals met. Why had we been so lazy and miserable? Many times, we did not reach to the place of our commitment, in time. Some of us might have got fired from countless jobs. Some other flunked out of college. And then, some got failed in the business miserably. Some time in distress, we take up reading some very popular books on selling and motivation again and again but still do not get relief from our continued failures. But still, we are surviving with some hope. And that hope plays a vital role in rejuvenating us.

Sometime ago, I was literally living on the street with my wife and a child. Though I had got some accommodation, for others, the title of the same was in my name but for me, that was not mine because that was pledged to some one for the funds I borrowed to meet my kitchen expenses a long time ago and I was not able to repay due to short income which was not able to meet my daily needs even. One day, during that bad period, I was sitting in my room, a man – one of my good friends in old days, walked up and after a brief recalls of the previous memories, he started talking to me. He was brilliant. He went on to tell the story of when he, as an announcer, covered the World Series back in the late 60’s. He had all the names; he knew stats like it was yesterday. His voice was clearly that of a broadcaster. But the thing that was most incredible was his disclosure that …He was pushing a shopping cart, which carried all his earthly possessions. He was homeless, too. Since I was living on the street, I couldn’t believe it. He told me that he just got sick of the daily challenges – One problem after another. He literally became unable to function in any capacity. Very quickly, he had lost everything. After the discussions, it transpired that at the end, it was by choice that he opted himself for the defeat – a psychologically break-down.

Sadly, I could not identify with that gentleman more than anyone I had met in a while. I too was very low in financial terms, but fortunately, I hadn’t quite reached that level… I did want to get off the “street” and stopped being a homeless. So I found a great bookstore nearby that had comfy chairs, and I started spending a lot of time there by going through the different motivating books. Ultimately, I had gotten very familiar with a number of self-help change methods and self-talk learning techniques. I had a lot of time on my hands. To utilize my time more productively, I got a menial job and started to create my own learning tapes with three cheap, borrowed tape players. Only instead of learning a language or factual data at lightning speeds, I figured I’d teach myself new attitudes and instruct myself to do things that sent tremors of fear through me… actions that could change me from a loser to someone I’d be proud to be.

So from every sales, biography, motivation, Be Happy book I could find, I pulled out all the lessons, the beliefs and the attitudes of life’s top performers. I turned them into self-instructions and recorded them onto tapes with very specific baroque music passages playing in the background. It was quite a small setup. I was desperate and willing to do anything. I couldn’t be getting fired more from any more $5.00 an hour jobs. I was getting happy and happier. Just after a few days, I began to feel differences. In my new job, I started working lots of
hours. Soon, I was making telephone calls to prospective customers, large travel plazas with big restaurants.

The more I listened to my tapes while I slept, the more fanatical I got about reading and learning. Among my recorded self-instructions were ones that told me I loved learning and that I was the greatest salesman in the world. Ha!! I put in that the more I succeeded, the more success I wanted. Talk about a vicious cycle, huh? It was the result of self motivation. So I started selling hearing instruments. I just got scary good. In an industry where 20-25% closing ratios were typical, I was selling 95%. In just about 4 months, that self-instruction about being the greatest salesman in the world was eerily coming true… at least in that industry. Soon I was going seven days a week. Missing a sale was just not an option. The world is fighting with recession and I am getting my turnover going up every day. It was my sincerity to the work that I continued to listen to my tapes and develop new ones. Considering where I came from to where I was now, I figured that anything was possible. I researched and made tapes for everything from diet practices to anxiety. I had gone from being scared of everything to feeling like I couldn’t fail.

I have started to use to use double negatives when I spoke. “I didn’t do nothing” was a famous line. This drove people around me crazy. So I researched communication and public speaking and made an accelerated success tape. Whenever I wanted to eliminate a block, get good at something, or feel better about myself, I looked for the top professionals, researched their findings, uncovered lots of conflicting data, found what made sense and made a tape in the accelerated learning format. I’ve found there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t literally install into or rip out of my mind. And with the right thoughts and instructions, you could create an endless loop of success, each good outcome fueling in you the desire to keep the positive change and to improve even more. In short, that’s the early part of the story that leads me to today, getting to talk to you.

I hope this answered a few questions and inspired you to believe that no matter what you’re going through right now, you are truly magnificent. All you have to do is release your blocks and embrace your unlimited potential. There’s enormous power within you. It might be buried, but it’s there.

If that seems a little beyond what your belief system currently allows you to accept, I understand. That’s OK. Keep reading and repeating your self instructions. You’ll become a believer soon enough. Every success you achieve will fuel in me the desire for more. You have to believe on yourself stating that you can achieve anything that you can imagine. You will have to believe that you have the ability to visualize every aspect of you success because your ability is greater than any challenge you could face.

The day you feel that you would be able to meet the challenges, believe me, that will be the day of your success. Perhaps, it may be today – Today, it may be your success day. Be Happy – It is your day of your success.