Keep Vigilance Over Matter

MIND is the powerful tool of the human body. The body will never fully respond to your workouts until you train the mind as well. Many a time, fear and insecurity within us stop us from reaching our maximum potential. When the mind and body work in harmony, the end result is spectacular. Whatever be your age, you need to have a clear vision of the outcome of your efforts. One way to help yourself is to choose an idol. Someone you want to emulate. In this way, you develop a single-minded purpose. Concentration allows the neuron-muscular system to respond to the fullest.

You need to define your goal clearly. This commitment is the first step. When your goals are clear with determination, discipline and regime automatically follow. Confidence increases as you workout. Much of what can intimidate or cause anxiety is simply fear of the unknown. Follow your goal firmly and don’t worry what other people have to say.

You need to learn to ‘Be here and now’ to master a ‘present time’ consciousness. It is what you do today that will determine how well you perform tomorrow. Be realistic. Presently, if you can run for 30 minutes while other around are running for 45 minutes, don’t get worked up. Aim at progressing slowly over a few weeks.

You need to learn from failure. It defines limits and makes you realise which parts of your programme are working and ones which aren’t. It is not failure per se that perturbs most of us, but the fear of failure that often gets in the way. Failure, whether in lifting weights, running, or working out, tells you more about yourself. Hence, plan accordingly.

You need to use imagination to feed your programmes. Positive mental forces can be evoked to realise your maximum.

You need to listen to your body. It gets affected by your mental state, fatigue, stress, nutrition, climate and numerous other factors. Hence, if you are aware of its salient features, you will adapt and do accordingly. When the mind and body work in harmony, the end result is spectacular as positive thinking nourishes the mind the way food nourishes the body. Be happy – keep vigilance over the matter before you.