Our Destiny is Designed by Our Working Only

In any event of our grievances, we must not take our Destiny as a curse to us. It is directly correlated to our own karma. Our personal attitude and approach towards life and values decide our destiny. The cumulative factor precedent to actions and collective offerings create the agony and ecstasy of life. We may look at the monotonous realities of life as they unfold. The pattern changes, for better or for worse. No circumstance lasts forever. To defer and build resistance only aggravate misery. Instead we will have to live through the experience.

We do not need to be a saint to practise virtue. Mere awareness of what is right and wrong and thoughtfulness of identifying ourselves with God would do well. We must perform actions without expectations. Actions performed to achieve good bring joy and happiness. Our brain is a chemical laboratory; a delicate balance must be maintained. Imagine a troupe a ballet cancers performing in unison. Anyone out-of-step would throw the entire performance off-balance. Similarly, brain chemistry could also go haywire.

No one is capable of absolute evil. Good always triumphs over evil. Many a time we come across some people do harm to society, but they spend inconspicuously on charitable causes to get over the guilt. Mind over matter dictates the truth. One can accept unconditional thinking and filter the undesirable. We may practice virtue and pursue virtuous deeds. One cannot escape destiny, we need to understand it as it presents itself.

Every moment in life poses its own opportunity in life for us to relish and experience life. What is important is not how we struggled but how we reconciled and won.

The ability to continue in the circumstance is divine. In the pursuit of finding we own destiny, we can change its course by exercising control with better judgment. Common sense could help us chart our future course. By perpetually surrendering to the state of purity we can change our destiny. Destiny is amenable to thought and right action. We only need to subtly understand our limitations and practice humility.

The turmoil within is only momentary; as time passes what we have construed earlier will fall off like dry leaves. God created us with a purpose. We need to understand the values and gifts He has showered upon us. However, He does not believe in orchestrating our entire life.

Destiny is what we do to fight against vice and temptation. If the perception of destiny is misunderstood, and we resign ourselves to it, not paying heed to of how we can better our lives, thinking that it is totally a predestined issue – we are wrong. If we condemn ourselves to suffer and feel damned, the existence of whatever good has no meaning. It is not by reprimand alone that one learns the truth. One can overcome the impediments by devotion and prayer. If a conscious mind with clear intentions evaluates right and wrong, it can overcome.

Destiny is choice. Honest application and focused action leads to tangible achievements. It is the passion and commitment to purpose that uplifts. We must uphold values of higher planes to overcome deficiencies and inadequacies. We need to constantly upgrade and resurrect thoughts and better ourselves, may be to transcend and live again in a superior world free from the cycle of birth and death, for which we need to be prepared.