Key Signs You Are Being Cheated On

Key Signs You Are Being Cheated On : As you form relationships with other people and navigate the dating world, it would be unrealistic to think all of them will work out. You should expect to encounter what feels like a million reasons why some come to an end.

However, rather than make the often-painful choice to end a relationship that’s reached the end of the road, some people may look for what they want outside of their significant other while staying involved and resort to cheating instead.

In some cases, this cheating can be easy to spot. While the reality of infidelity can be a difficult truth to face, it is one that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. If you believe you’re being cheated on, there are some key signs that may help you identify a pattern and give you a substantiated reason to confront your partner.

Changes in their schedule and periods of absence

Even if just through day-to-day conversation and interaction, being in a relationship with anyone means you are typically aware of your partner’s schedule and their general whereabouts.

This is why any unexplained changes in your partner’s schedule could be indicative of infidelity, although it’s important to learn more about what’s happening before you make any accusations or lose any cools. For example, if they’ve started spending more time out of the house without any explanation of where they were or why they may have been out for so long, this could be a sign they’re spending some side time with someone else.

During these periods of potentially suspicious absence, take note of whether your partner is refusing to answer their cell phone or talk about why this may be the case when you confront the non answers. If they start spewing nonsense or making up excuses as to why they couldn’t chat every time, experts agree, this may be another indication of cheating.

Unexplained or hidden expenses

If you and your partner have combined finances, your spending is likely pretty transparent and you both are probably knowledgeable of the working budget in the economy of your relationship–how much you should be spending on certain things, typical spending habits, and so on.  Statistics show, however, people who are cheating are much more likely to be dipping into their bank account to spend money on things such as gifts or places to stay while they are having an affair.

Like most cheaters, a person with an extracurricular relationship will probably also be withdrawing money in order to pay for these things, coming up with plenty of excuses to explain these erratic spending habits and transactions to boot. In addition to spending more money inexplicably, they may try to conceal some spending habits by using a credit card or intercepting the corresponding billing statements.

Changes from the norm

There are some behavioral changes from a cheater that are subtle, and some that blatantly stem from deeper, potentially inappropriate life choices. For example, a cheater may pick up new habits while hiding a relationship. These may include grooming themselves differently, changing their overall fitness and diet to improve their physical shape, or trying to improve their overall lives without the conference, collaboration, or support of their partner.

Beyond some of the outwardly physical traits, you may notice your partner has also started to change the way they’re interacting. Some cheaters will try to avoid you and any questions so they can evade lying or facing their decisions. Others may become defensive, angry, and irritable whenever they are forced to interact or may become nervous when their cheating behavior is being questioned.

Among many others, one obvious sign of cheating you shouldn’t take lightly is random phone numbers popping up in your partner’s phone. Fortunately, you can easily catch a cheater by tracing these unclaimed numbers with the right phone lookup service. Trust your gut – make sure to take the proper, professional action if you start to form suspicions of your relationship for any reason.







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Key Signs You Are Being Cheated On

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