Lead your life on tested principles

Believe me, people having some religious beliefs tend to be more content in life than those who lead the life without any principle. The religious people are better able to cope with shocks such as losing a loved one or getting laid off of a job. A Research analyzed a variety of factors among Catholic and Protestant Christians and found that life satisfaction seems to be higher among the religious population. It has also been concluded that religion in general, might act as a “buffer” that protects people from life’s disappointments. Religious people suffered less psychological harm from unemployment than the non-religious. They have higher levels of life satisfaction. The religious people tended to experience more “current day rewards”, rather than storing them up for the future. Previous studies have also found strong correlations between religion and happiness.

The idea that religion may offer substantial psychological benefits in life, is in sharp contrast with another common viewpoint that religion is repressive and has a negative influence on human development. Basically, they are found, indirectly defining code of conduct also and it is not necessary that a particular religion may have the same set of rules as another religion may have. All of them advocate in support of human welfare but with different tracks. There is more than one reason for this – part of it will be the sense of community and the relationships fostered, but that doesn’t account for all of it. A large part of it is due to the meaning, purpose and value which believing in God gives you, whereas not believing in God can leave you without those things.

Non-believers can’t just turn on a faith in order to be happy. If you find religious claims incredible, then you won’t believe them, whatever the supposed rewards in terms of personal fulfillment. Happiness is an elusive concept, anyway – you may find listening to classical music blissful and watching football repulsive. It is your mood. Other people feel exactly the opposite. In the end, it comes down to the individual and, to an extent, their genetic predispositions. While no one would argue that genetics don’t influence one’s disposition, there are definitely other factors worth considering. A belief in God increases one’s feeling that life is meaningful.

It is notable that every religion teaches its followers how to lead their lives and how to behave with the fellow community. Some religions dictate their terms whereas some other is liberal in the working. A religious upbringing is more responsible for the effect, rather than any particular religious beliefs to be adopted by conversion as the practice of conversion amounts to the tactics of taking benefits of some of the provisions under the particular religion – the people converting may not have the true spirits and/or faithfulness with the new religion as the atmosphere in which he might have passed his childhood, comes forward from his unconsious section of the brain as and when there is an opportunity of recollection.

Fortunately, most of the people do not like fundamentalism heartedly; perhaps they do not express their opposition against some rituals outwardly due to the terror imposed by the fundamentalists. But they join the leader as and when they feel that now the majority has gathered to oppose and the terrorist would not be able to harm them individually.

That is why it is always an ideal situation that you may lead your own life on the tested principles, those principles which foster happiness amongst the fellow community, which do not like to impose the dictates on those who do not wish to follow, which may provide solace to the people in the hours of their grief, which do not curb the freedoms in the name of regulating and which are accepted by the people happily for the common good. If you are able to make yourself and your community happy, and those who are not amongst your known community but still wish to express solidarity with your working through the core of their hearts without any terror of any kind, you would be true happy and contributing to the human welfare truly and God will bless you with all His kindness.