Keep Your Mind Open

Imagine how your life could improve if you could shift your state of being, attitude and mindset gracefully and easily anytime you choose even during the period of recession all over the world. You know! Even this recession has come like a boon to many persons in the world around. The difference lies in the approach. Those who are active take up a silver thread out of the rugs before other do. Just you need to make up yourself for an early action.
I was attending a convention recently that I have been visiting for the last 5 years that has typically been excellent for my business. But this year as I stood sentinel in my chair I felt tired. People smiled and said hello as they walked by, but few were stopping to visit. I could not know why I am feeling so.

My insecurity activated my doubt and I began to wonder why I was there. The internal dialogue kicked in as I began to convince myself I should skip the rubber chicken dinner, retire early and think about cutting the trip short. Luckily, I was listening to my heart and mind and caught myself in the act. I asked myself why I was here to create or make happen. That answer was simple. My intention was to book business, I was to search out new associate, I was to strengthen my old contacts but since I felt little enthusiasm about this at the moment, I opened to an intention that would support me in this moment. I decided my intention to have fun and create business opportunities, but to put the emphasis on having a good time. And the belief I choose to use to reinforce this was, “I have fun wherever I go.”

Within minutes a woman I knew for many years stopped by and we had a light hearted chat. Previously, we had not exchanged more than a few words, but the conversation was quite enjoyable. Then, out of the blue, she invited me to a karaoke party, explaining her earlier experience. Aligned with my new intention, I agreed to stop by.

I found a fabulous community of people who were laughing, singing and carrying on. I joined in for a few dances and a few gossips with those I never knew earlier except the gentle lady with me and honestly, this was one of the most fun times I ever had at a convention. And oh, by the way, that evening, without any effort whatsoever, I was booked for two big jobs with new clients, people I had never met before.

For the sake of change, we have to change. We must forget trying hard on the known stones. We must learn to shift on a dime by choosing to set empowering intentions and beliefs. We must give up our ego, “What will the other people say? I am doing such a petty job or I am meeting such lowly placed people for the sake of my work!”. No, they don’t have time to notice your work. They may do so if your work disturbs them or they see some benefits to get out of your working. Keep your mind open and I believe, this will support you in changing life or better yet, allowing life to shift around you towards new options – you need not to change your targets, you need to reconsider your strategy for your ultimate aim. If you do it, you would feel that now that’s more powerful.

I may suggest you to choose an intention that will shift your reality including how you feel right now. You may decide the highest/best belief you could choose to support this new intention and allow the shift to occur. It may start internally as you notice you feel differently. Or you may notice it first around you as your circumstances or the people around you shift. Be happy and keep your mind open always.