Enjoy Your Achievements Fully

Generally, our desires denote two powerful motivations in life, we may acquire something and enjoy that thing to fulfil our desire. We want to acquire whatever we desire from the world and for that purpose, we invest our energies, our resources, our time and fix up our priorities. And once we acquire, we wish to enjoy what we have acquired. For instance, we build a house and would like to enjoy living in it with our family members. We prepare a tennis court and enjoy playing the game there. Propelled by these two motivations – of acquisition and enjoyment – we crave to acquire and enjoy more and more in the world. But no one has found true happiness in mere acquisition or enjoyment. Yet the chase never ends. We work strenuously but get ultimately exhausted with our tiredness and become frustrated and unhappy.

The mind has a tendency to acquire, acquire and acquire – its list is endless. Even in the present, when the mind acquires the object of its desire, it pitches up something else. Its thirst for acquisition continues. The wealthiest man in the world wants more wealth. The most powerful seat seeks more power. The most beautiful lady wishes to be more beautiful – she undertakes a number of exercises, apply cosmetics, consults the experts and so on to keep up. All this despite knowing that on most accounts, the process of acquiring and enjoying these things only bring in their wake agitation and loss of peace of mind. And one day, every thing will whither away as nature warrants.

But the thirst can never be quenched by sheer acquisition of whatever the mind demands. Neither can the problem be solved by suppressing the desire for acquisition. However, there is no taboo to acquisition. You are advised only to control, to regulate the mind’s indiscriminate craving for acquisition.

The second motivation is the desire to enjoy what has been acquired. Here again, there is no objection to enjoyment. You are not to refrain from enjoying what the world offers you but to restrain, control your indulgence in them. You enjoy objects or beings only when you exercise voluntary regulation and moderation. Otherwise what you acquire loses its charm. You cannot enjoy it anymore. Unrestricted indulgence kills enjoyment.

In reality, there is no joy content in the objects and beings of the world. It is your willingness, it is your desire, and it is you who feels satisfied once an achievement is made against some desire. A couple in love enjoys the light of the full moon but the same light does not inspire some other person who might be some grief stricken. The couple might know that the moon does not have any light of its own – it is just reflection of the Sun light. But they enjoy it because they feel so, they take their surroundings as such. But, the source of light does not have any important role with the grief-stricken person. Their feelings are different on the same point of time. If you do not enjoy the achievement, you may not get conducive atmosphere for another target as your fellow persons may feel that you are a bored person.

Don’t equate yourself with others because an average person cannot be convinced of your pleasures. He equates enjoyment with the pleasure he gets eating ice cream or chocolate. How can he be convinced that other one will not find the same enjoyment as you would get in achieving something? It is an individual’s own measurement. Better, if you achieve something, you must celebrate the achievement and then, try to proceed on for the further target. You would be happy.