Manage Your Mind Carefully

Imagine, you are passing through a dense forest in a cloudy evening. Darkness is increasing every moment followed by thunders and storms. There is some lightening also. With the sounds, you get horrified but there is a ray of light also. The time you feel that this is not going to happen for a long time, you reconsolidate yourself and try to continue your march and you will get through. Believe me, in every difficulty, there is an opportunity. Life is really a choice… to be either wise, not wise or otherwise. This is you how you manage your life.

Once, a wise king met his master to seek his advice what to do if he might face a crisis in his life. The master gave him a locket and told him to open it only when he was in difficulty. After sometime, he was defeated in a battle and lost his kingdom. Feeling helpless, he went into a cave to hide. He suddenly remembered what his master had told him. He opened the locket and found a note therein, “Even this bad time will pass. If you find one door closed, search out another door, that is open awaiting for you”. He gained strength from this piece of advice and started to reconsolidate his energies and sources. After a month he won his kingdom back. He went to his master and thanked him and asked a question: “why does the door close?” “The door is always open, your mind is closed,” replied the master.

There are two types of worlds we live in. the visible world and the invisible world. You can call them as outer world and inner world. Our body is in this outer space but our mind is in another space. Just as our mind gets dirty if we are keeping our inner self into a dirty space. If you brood over worry, dislike, anger, jealousy, your mind is polluted. With such pollution, you find the outer world painful. The real pain is when our mind lives in negativity.

What type of world are we in? This is what one should really be aware of where we are placed psychologically what we have to watch for. One believes that the outer world is the real world and not the inner world of mind. For example, you are very happy that you are invited to a party where some celebrities are attending. Then, you see them attending. Here, you see them beautifully dressed. You may feel bad that you are not as rich as they are, you may feel bad that you are not a celebrity. Now tell me, what has impacted your life directly… the outer world or the inner world. It is your thinking.

When you don’t watch the mind, what happens? A negative system is created. When you dwell on the negative pattern, your jealousy creates a negative system. That system takes over and you lose control of yourself. It is as though you have installed a programme in your computer and when you open the computer, that particular programme opens up. Then, you get angry with the computer. What you have to realise is that it is not the computer, the source of the problem, it is how you have programmed it, is the problem.

Each time you feel negative, watch how you have programmed yourself. When the world outside is singing and dancing, in the morning sunrise and evening sunset, in the twinkling of the stars and the dancing wind, you feel negative and sick… It means that you are leading negative life. Kindly don’t create a negative system around you. Be happy – manage your mind carefully and adopt positive thinking, Assume it that whatever is happening, that is His Order and you are to comply with. Just, You need to remain active with positive thinking.