Live Your Life Optimally.

On August 9, 2009, I had submitted my suggestion through this blog to you to live your life fully. You must make all efforts to lead it in positive terms in spite of the fact that at some point of time, we may face some pains, sorrows, set-backs, shocks or whatever you may call it, to divert us to the negative thinking. Why don’t you try to convert the negative happenings into the positive ones with a simple sentence, “Perhaps God might have wished so!” and carry on to live your life fully always?

You remember! On a day when you are bursting with happiness, you had never liked to remember the sordid moments of your life. It is good. But it would be better if during the hours of your sorrows, you must remind yourself that you would again regain your happiness and this is for the time being only.

I may repeat to say that you need a purpose to life only when being alive is not sufficient. Right now, the biggest thing in your life is that you are alive. The stock market going up or down is not the biggest thing, you being alive right now is. Every thing else is secondary. But most people are not aware of it. Something did not happen or did happen – these are the biggest issues for them. The mind is always looking for a purpose because people have not experienced life in full. If your experience of life becomes deeper, your question will disappear: when the process of life becomes absolutely exuberant, it needs no purpose.

We go to work, our purpose may be to make this much money or to take care of this or that. But if you go to a party, what is the purpose? No purpose – you just like to be there. If life became like one big party you would not wonder what the hell its purpose is. You just like to be there. Life does need a purpose; it is a purpose unto itself. It need not lead you on to something else. Just being exuberantly alive is sufficient unto itself. Life does not need a purpose of reaching somewhere. That is the beauty of Creation.

Right now, you have a keyhole vision of life through you sense organs. The sensory perception of different creatures is working in different ways as it is necessary for survival. After some time you wonder what the purpose of life is because you do not see anything in full; this is the nature of sense perception. If I show you this side of my hand, you cannot see the other side of it. This is so about everything. You always see everything in parts. Even if you look at a grain of sand you will look at only one part of it.

All the information that is in your head right now has entered through the five sense organs in bits and pieces. It cannot perceive even a grain of sand in its totality. It perceives everything in parts. If you add the bits you will not get a whole. You will only have bits. No matter how many bits you gather they will never become a whole.

Though life is made in such a way that it does not need a purpose, to encourage people to explore life a little more, we can say that the purpose of life is to know it in its full depth and dimension; otherwise, you will not understand that life does not need a purpose. Once you grasp that you don’t need a purpose, you may give up your self-interests and just to be alive is great.

Now I add up some more reasons to request you to lead your life to the optimum extent – to use the resources to the maximum extent to your benefits. How many people do you know who will state that their lives are optimal? If you look around, you might think that happiness has ceased to exist.

But, if you want to make your life optimal, you have to take things in your own hands. You have to shape your own life. Here is how you can do that, You may start today.

Ascertain What an Optimal Life Is for You.

Is it a life where you get everything you need and want an optimal life? You say that your optimal life is the life which does not have any kind of sorrow. It can not be so if you do not change your aptitude to a positive form. You will have to search out what is positive in every problem and how to get that out to arrive at some solution before that harms you on other scores. If your friend has grown up rich and you did not do so, what is the problem? It can be possible that he might have got some sources which you could not get. Try them to get. You will also be rich. But don’t hurt him. Otherwise, instead of getting rich, you may create an enemy in place of continuing your friendship with him.

Many people speak about their problems in life. In fact, this is one of the hottest topics of conversations. It does not really matter where you meet someone, all it takes is a friendly smile to start pouring out your life’s woes to them. Everyone does the same. The result is that no one really knows how happy one is. Since everyone is talking about their miseries, it does seem that no one around is leading an optimal life.

This is where the problem lies. We think that the term ‘optimal life’ should have a definition. We think that we should be able to peg down someone’s life entirely and say, “Ah, now his is an optimal life!” But it doesn’t happen that way, does it? You might think that someone with a lot of money or someone with a beautiful wife must have an optimal life. But when you get to know them, you begin to see the great big problems that lie behind this exterior façade of theirs and you realize that their life is not all that hunky-dory as you thought it to be.

If everyone were to throw their problems in a pile, and see everyone else’s, they would grab their own right back. It is true. We think the neighbors are always happier than we are. We think they are leading a more optimal life than we are. But if we were really to sit down and make comparisons, quite likely, we would find our problems to be the least.

So, where are we heading with this? The point I want to make here is that our lives are only as optimal as we want them to be. We have it entirely in our hands how beautiful we want to make our lives. If we want to sit and brood that life is toying with us in every way possible, it is. But if we plan to take things in our hands and not let life jerk us around, it will not.

We have to plan just how much control we want to give our lives. An optimal life is a very individualistic thing. For us, an optimal life would be one in which we are completely contented and satisfied with whatever we have. It does not matter whether we are rich or poor – if we are satisfied with what we have, it is an optimal life that we live.

What Do You Need for an Optimal Life?

We can ascertain the criteria of our own optimal life. All we need is the right knowledge on how to do that. The general notion all across the planet is that you have an optimal life if you have everything. However, it is not what you have that matters; it is how happy you can be with whatever you have. A person earning just $500 a month has an optimal life if he can survive wonderfully within that and can save too. But even a millionaire is not living optimally if his debts far outstrip his earnings.

So, you see, optimal living is not about money.

What is it about then? Is this about living happily within our family? In a great measure, it is. We are only as happy as our family lives are. Since optimal living is all about contentment, having a pleasant family life becomes one of the essential things for it.

But, again, there are people who have what one might think is the ideal family life – great wife, great kids, etc. – but may still not be happy. Hence, there are a few more things you would need for optimal living. Money and family do not even begin to scratch the surface actually.

The most important thing you need is actually the way you are. Your perspective, your way of thinking, is much more important in deciding whether you life is optimal. You have to condition yourself into thinking that you are living a great life. When your mental balance is perfectly set, you will find that your life really starts taking a turn for the best.

However, that does not mean you should live in poverty and be happy with it. We need the peripherals – we need the money and the love. These are important ingredients for optimal life, but the realization that these are not the only things should also be had early on. A perfect balance of money, health, family and right mental spirit will help the most in bringing you toward an optimal life. This is what you need to discover.

Be Happy – Live Your Life Optimally.