Lobster and Crab

Lobster and Crab : Lobster belongs to family Nephropidae which are of large marine crustaceans. It is an invertebrate which has a hard exoskeleton which give it protective covering. It looked like a long bodies which has muscular tail. It mostly lived in the burrows or crevices of sea floor. It has five pairs of legs from three of which have claws, including first pair, which is larger than the remaining.

The three families of freshwater crayfish and the reef lobsters are the closest living relatives of clawed lobsters. In it moulting process occurs. When moulting process occurs many species change their colors. It contains eight different walking legs that helps him to caught the prey and also helps him in transportation, these leg pairs are different in size shape and performance like as their front leg pair is larger than remaining others. Some of its genera possess unequal claws.

Typically it is of black colored. But they can be found in the multiple of colors. Lobster and crab with atypical color is rare and many of them caught every year. It is mainly used as seafood. During heating, its protein crustacyanin breaks down and in result its shells color change from blue to orange. It is widely used seafood in foreign countries.

Crabs are decapod crustacean of brachyura infraorder. It lives in freshwater, oceans and land. Many other animals like hermit crab, king crab, horseshoe crab and crab lice are of similar name but they are not true crab.

Their body is covered by thick exoskeleton, compose of chitin. It has single claw. There are about 850 species of it. Its male have narrow and triangular claw and on the other hand female has a broader claw. It also used for eaten purpose that is why it is considered in seafood.

It is considered more the tasty than lobster. It is mild sweet to briny taste depending upon the species, we are serving. Some part of crab’s leg is considered more than tasty. On the other hand, lobster is harder than crab and not more sweet. The small legs of it contain more meat and delicious taste. Crab cost generally 35 % less than lobster. Mostly server buy crab and sale lobster in the shell. You can opt for fresh lobster tail delivery readily from various suppliers.

Both of these are crustacean and found in the water as well as in the land. They also have claws which used for different purpose. Their taste is more the sweeter than a fish. They are crustacean so their taste is like fishes and other meats. It is rich in protein and gives a lot of energy to human being. Lobster is a sea food which is more expensive than other. In delicious food we add them in it. As lobster are hard and their legs have a lot of meat. But crab is softer and more the sweetest than it.

At the end both of these are edible and delicious in taste. Both have their own benefits and used for different purposes and found in all over the world in oceans and land.






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Lobster and Crab

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