Luvmehair’s Bob wigs, Glueless wigs & Short human hair wigs

Luvmehair’s Bob wigs, Glueless wigs & Short human hair wigs :

Bob wigs:

Bob wigs can’t be replaced as this sophisticated fashion hairpiece makes you the center of attention. Bob wigs look marvelous and they and the easiest hairstyle to opt for. This trendy fashion allows you to get a unique look instantly. Bob wigs are a blessing for bob lovers as they don’t need to cut their natural hair but simply buy a trendy bob wig and you’re ready to slay.

Luvmehair’s Bob wigs:

If you’re also fond of bob wigs and wanted to add a new charm to your boring appearance then without having second thoughts buy a chic bob wig from Luvmehair. Luvmehair has a variety of bob wigs that are different in shapes, sizes, and types. You can also buy a bob wig with bangs from Luvmehair. Luvmehair promises to deliver 100% human hair wigs that bring uniqueness to your look.

Bob wigs and face shapes:

But before buying a bob wig for yourself take a minute and read the guide below that which type of bob wig gonna suit your face cut.

Every face has unique features and shapes so it’s vital to make a wise purchase that can complement your personality rather than look odd. This guide gonna let you know which bob wigs you can flatter that can enhance your features and you can choose the right bob wig.

Round shaped:

If you have got a round face then go for lobs or A-line bob wigs. These types of bob wigs enhance your facial features that are abducted in round faces. You can style your lobs or A-line bob wigs with an off-center or wide part hairstyle added with some cute hair accessories.


For a heart-shaped face, it’s better to opt for long layered or textured bob wigs rather than short-cut bob wigs. These types of bob wigs will alter your heart face shape and instantly bring a new look that’s eye catchy. Long or textured bob wigs also look trendy and quite easy to style.

Square shaped:

Square face-shaped people should also get hands-on long and asymmetrical bob wigs as it balances their facial features with an opted hairstyle. It enhances the look and brings out a lovely new look.

Oval shaped:

If you’re an oval face shape then you’re blessed because you can opt for any type of bob wig. Short or long both types gonna compliments your face features but try to style your bob wigs in a side swept or blunt cut for more enhanced features.

Read your face shape and choose wisely to value your money. To make your bob wigs looks more realistic you can add funky hair accessory and flaunt your bob.

Glueless wigs:

Glueless wigs are the easiest way to change the look. You just need to put the wig on your head, adjust it and you’re good to go. As the name specifies, you don’t need any glue or tape for its installation. This time-saving wig is all the rage because of its quick installation. Another reason for the popularity of the glueless wig is that as it’s glueless so it doesn’t damage your natural hair in any way.

Luvmehair’s glueless wigs:

If you’ve made up your mind to buy a glueless wig then nothing is better than Luvmehair. Luvmehair glueless wigs are made of virgin human hair that lasts longer and looks just like natural hair. Luvmehair glueless wigs are not prone to shedding or tangling and let you enjoy your glueless installation without damaging natural hair.

How to secure glueless wigs?

If you’re a beginner and scared of a glueless wig falling off because it’s not attached with any glue, tape, or an adhesive then you can take some precautionary measures to make your glueless installation safe and secure. Some methods will keep your glueless wigs secure and didn’t let the wig slip or fall off.

Wig cap:

Wearing a wig cap can actually secure your glueless wigs. The adjustable band and clips gonna cling to the wig cap and keep the wig in its place.

Wig grip band:

Try a wig grip band. It’s also a safe and effective method that will keep your glueless wig in its place all day long. This grip band is like a velvet headband that grips your natural hair or wig cap from one side and glueless wig from the other side and keeps the wig in its place for hours.

Silicon sheets:

Silicon sheets are another effective and secure method to secure the glueless wig from slipping or falling off. You need to sew the sheets in your glueless wig so the wig can stay in its position.

Metal wig clips or bobby pins:

This easiest method can also secure your glueless wig from slipping. You can buy these clips and sew them inside the wig lining or use some bobby pins for extra security for your glueless wigs. These are an easy yet safe method to secure your glueless wigs from falling off.

Choose the best method according to your preference and enjoy secure glueless installation all day long.

Short human hair wigs:

Short human hair wigs are another easiest way to slay your style. This comfy addition to your fashion sense makes you look chic and mod. Short human hair wigs can’t be detected that one is wearing a hairpiece because of its natural virgin texture and short length that seems smooth like natural hair. Short human hair wigs are easy to install and maintain and they can’t irritate you on hot summer days.

Luvmehair’s Short human hair wigs:

Short human hair wigs are an exclusive launch of Luvmehair, the wig hub. Luvmehair has top-notch quality virgin human hair wigs ranging from short wigs to long wigs with different lace materials and textures. Luvmehair’s short human hair wigs are all the rage because of their premium quality and amazing variety.

If you’ve also invested in short human hair wigs then to value your money you must know the care line for short human hair wigs. Let’s dive deeper into the care line for short human hair wigs.

Care line for Short human hair wigs:

  • You can use normal shampoo to wash short human hair wigs that are free of sulfates and avoid clarifying shampoos that can cause dryness in strands. But it’s recommended to go for a shampoo that is made to wash human hair wigs. So the shampoo can’t damage the quality of short human hair wigs.
  • Always use lukewarm water to wash your short human hair wigs so hum hair strands didn’t become brittle or dry. Extreme hot or cold water badly damages human hair wigs.
  • If you want to keep your short human hair wigs hydrated with a shiny texture then don’t forget to use serums or moisturizing oils. You can use serums infused with olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil for your short human hair wigs and enjoy conditioned wigs and become the center of attention.

Treat your short human hair wigs like your natural hair and take care of the wig as much as you can to make your investment worthy.





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Luvmehair’s Bob wigs, Glueless wigs & Short human hair wigs

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