Short Natural Hair: Everything You Need to Know About and a Bit More

The first association to natural hair is the long weave. For most women, the goal of going natural is to grow long natural hair. However, some women enjoy having short natural hair.

While it is less common, short natural hair is beautiful. Yet, women stay away from this type of hair since they are unaware of how to style their hair.

The answer on how to blend your hair is more simple than you believe.

Short Natural Hair 101

The advantage of short natural hair is that it is easy to maintain. Since you keep hair short at all times, you have to worry less about hair porosity. Also, since it is short hair, you can get effects faster than you would with long hair.

Also, when you decide to go natural, it is better to have short hair. Then, you can grow the hair from the root and get the maximum out of your hair routine.

A slight disadvantage of short hair is that it may be hard to style. Depending on the length of the hair, you have limitations when you style your hair. However, if you care less about hairstyle and more about being natural, short hair works fine.

In any case, you decide the length of the hair and its possibilities. You could say that hair with the length to the chin is the limit of short hair. Of course, there are numerous hairstyles you may pursue.

In any case, you have to keep your hair away from chemical treatments. And keep styling it according to your hair type.

Hair Type

There are several hair types.
There are several hair types.

There are several hair types. Within those types, there are additional types that define all shapes of natural hair.

To put it in simple terms, you could say that they are wavy, coily, and kinky hair types. As their names imply, each type refers to the direction your hair twists and forms from the root.

Wavy hair is the easiest to define. The disadvantage of wavy hair is that it is last stylish when it is short. Usually, women with natural hair can do a lot with wavy hair types. When you keep it short, it looks less exotic compared to the other two types of hair.

Coily hair looks much better on short hair. The advantage of coily hair is that it consists of locks that look excellent with any length. Coils are the best look for short hair. You keep the shape, and you can style the hair.

Finally, there is the kinky hair type. Kinky hair is hair that consists of short, tight locks. You can notice kinky hair immediately due to the short complex shape of the hair locks. If you have this hair type, you need to worry more about hair care.

Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity
Hair Porosity

Now, whether you have long hair or short hair, you should worry about hair porosity. Hair porosity is the concern of any woman going natural.

The thing with hair porosity is that it relates to the quality of your hair. Women with low hair porosity have healthy and beautiful hair. However, women often have high hair porosity due to chemical treatments and bad hair products.

To have that luscious look for your short hair, you have to lower your hair porosity first. Therefore, you have to use hair routines such as LOC and LCO methods to rejuvenate your hair.

The thing here is that the results are visible in less time. And, that helps you to style your hair as you wish.

Styling Short Hair

Styling Short Hair
Styling Short Hair

When you style your short hair, there are a few things you can do. Due to the length of the hair, you have to be aware that there are fewer things to do.

Short natural hair is best to leave in its basic shape. Of course, you can always cut it and shape it as you see fit. But, to get the natural look, keep it in its current condition.

Some women prefer to keep it that way. However, some want to do more with short hair. Then, using extensions or even styling the short hair becomes a viable option.

If that is the case, you can do several things with your short hair. If you want to style, avoid chemical treatments and embrace scissors. It is best to visit a hairstylist and define your hair to compliment the shape of your head.

If you want to take it a step further, use hair extensions. You can use shorter hair extensions to style and define your hair. With hair extensions, you get more volume and more hair to work with, and more hairstyles to try.

Make sure to get hair extensions with human hair and appropriate to your hair type. Then, you can get any look that you want.

Getting it All Together

Spend less time styling short hair
Spend less time styling short hair

Short hair is less commitment for a healthier look. Once you decide to go natural, keeping your hair short speeds up the recovery process.

Also, it is better for busy women or women that want to spend less time styling their hair. Anyway, short natural hair still requires effort and regular maintenance.

However, it is more profitable than growing your natural weave all at once.

Nurture Short Natural Hair

After all, natural hair is all about nurture. It is a journey into discovering your natural beauty.

Luckily, it works in your favor since short natural hair is easier to nurture. All you have to do is to stay true to the beauty that was always within you. Enjoy your short natural hair.






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