Medium Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Terrific

If you want to do something more to zing up your appearance than just more makeup trials and wardrobe updates, try changing your hairstyle. Here are some medium hairstyles that are fun and guaranteed to bring loads of confidence.

1. Clipping

There is a lot that can be done with medium-length hair. Start by looking at the form of your face. A spherical, chubby face will look leaner with hair clipped to slice the cheek line. Hair should be pulled away from square-shaped faces with distinguished chins.

2. Styling

For starters, let your hair loose and try out different ways to part it. You will be delighted to learn how parting hair in various ways can change your looks. For a formal look, use a chignon or a head band to keep your hair in place.

3. Curling

Curlers can let you experiment with an array of styles. Large curls on medium-length hairstyles add volume. For shoulder-length hair, consider leaving the hair straight and curling just the ends. For a very feminine look, try a mass of soft curls. You can even combine highlighting with curls. Crimp your hair at intervals and add hair color accordingly, but be careful to not end up looking too artificial. Give up the curlers and try ironing if you want not-so-curly tresses.

4. Coloring

Coloring hair is a whole art form in itself. Simple, earthy colors will give an ethereal glow. Use colors like golden yellow highlighted with traces of autumn rust and mahogany for a powerful, magnetic appeal. Pitch black on poker-straight hair is always fashionable. Streaking will give you a bold new look. For a grunge look, try highlighting with brilliant colors like party pink, sexy silver, or blueberry blue. Think about your pores and skin tone before experimenting and use makeup to compliment your new style.

Finally, no matter what type of hairstyle you want to try, it is essential to have a good stylist who can work with you on the right makeup to go with your style. Even though this might seem simple, it requires expertise. You can change the form of your face cosmetically as well, so you need someone who knows the best way to combine both hairstyle and makeup. You need to work on your whole look to stay looking your best.



Medium Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Terrific