Maintain Balanced Life.

With the advancement of civilization, we moved to materialism believing that abundant availability of materials for our enjoyment would be the ultimate truth of life. But it was not so. To gather materials we forgot the element of purity in our process and by hook and crook, went on to get every thing without taking into account whether we were doing it rightfully or not. We lost peace of our mind. Decades ago, the west ran to the east in search of the peace but at that time, the east had been thinking that the west was enjoying the life. What a good dilemma!
Through regulating all aspects of our personality, we can obtain the clarity and resolution of all the conflicts for obtaining harmony, fulfilment, authenticity and inner power to ensure our spiritual growth, restore our mental peace and maintain our balanced life. The balanced life means having every thing in right proportion to our needs. This state of harmony can be defined as a state of freedom from contradicting or conflicting forces which acting as they do within at cross purposes would not damage any tangible progress but ensure the pleasure inside also to accomplish your dreams without hurting anyone else.
Harmonious working of such forces on the other hand confers the needed sense of direction. Like a river bubbling along its path knowing where it goes, the person concerned also through this process knows where he is headed to, is clear in his objectives, wants, needs and priorities. It happens through one’s own evolved self within, whereby all the base and retarding tendencies are weakened. You need to carry on planning, organizing, controlling and reviewing for obtaining benefits and returns that would indeed improve even further with passage of time.
Once you harmonize all the factors of your living with the circumstances prevailing and the goals you fix for your life with firm determination, you will find that your approach, attitude, opinions, life style and habits will undergo the needed changes. Factually, this is the state where in view of the peace, harmony, fulfilment, inner strength and flow obtained, you won’t work with your impulses, whims or instincts but you will do your job with more logics in your mind and victory over your emotions, needs of food and rest. Perhaps you may not need food, drinks or sleep as escapism or tranquillisers or mad diversions as if from one’s own emptiness. Yoga is not for those who eats or sleeps too much or too little but only for those who lead the life balanced in all respects.
How would you harmonize the factors of your life? It is not a difficult question. Just you need to evaluate your minimum requirements and your goals. Then, take account of your resources available and those which you can explore within your capacity with pure means. Make a time bound plan, take action and review your working from time to time if you are going according to your basic plan. If it is so, you can lead a balanced life. If somewhere you exceed your limits, it is possible that it may disturb your working more. Crossing the limit does not mean that you should not take any risk. You may take risk but after due calculations and positive mind.
Be Happy – Maintain Balanced Life.