Make Emotions Work For you.

You can use emotions to change your life. You may reject the bad and propel the good to manifest wish. It is the season of wishes – we exchange our wishes with our well wishers. Well Wishers – we treat them as such as they appear. We do not take in our understanding what they are in actual forms with other people too. We grade them our well wishers because they are doing good for us.

Similarly, if we wish good for others, we can expect that they too would be good. We too want our wishes to be accomplished soon. We attach our emotions with them. And our emotional energy makes the changes in our attitude. Just we need to turn up the volume of our emotional feelings with some one, take charge of it and intensify to get manifested.

Life responds to you. Our emotions fuel life, the worse you feel the more tiresome life will become. Create magic in your life by breathing deeply, spending time outdoors and sharing your laughter and love with your friends and family. Spare a thought for those who are in need or less fortunate than you. Give up your negative emotions and think that your help to someone needy can be a reason of happiness for that person. You will feel the intensity of the emotions within you.

A change in emotional energy can change your destiny. There is an art in preparing for magical changes to enter your life. Every individual has the ability to create miracles, provided they are aware of what exactly they want and of their intentions. We never look around to see what we want is lying before us, only the packaging is different. We need to be more open, surrendering and trusting to enjoy magic, miracles, love and light that the universe wants to show us with.

For those who wish to invoke the change, I may submit the following suggestions

  1. We may have to work with strong determination, positive emotions and high energy to remove the clutter from a place we need to carry out space cleaning. If we have negative emotions, we may postpone the work at any moment – before staring, during the process or at any other point.
  2. We can pray to God to help ourselves to accomplish our wishes. He will come forward immediately if we ask for clearly and sincerely. We are not clear what we wish for. Our wishes are generally decided by our attachments, our emotions and our temporally reactions. What we want is not exactly known to us as we did not plan for it in advance. It can be spontaneous. We need to define it well in time to draw our strategy. Our emotions will work accordingly.
  3. Every individual is swayed by the complexities of life. The essence of good living lies in simplicity of our emotions. If we feel good, we can end up doing a lot of good things. Let us simplify our life. We should not let the details distract us. Look back into the past without holding on to the pain caused by it. Acknowledge, forgive and release all the people or situations you have been holding onto.
  4. Often we dwell in thoughts which create doubt. The whole world is an affluence of celebration. It is an overflow of energy, so many flowers, birds singing around, infinity of stars, galaxies upon galaxies, miracles are happening every moment without any notice to us. They were happening before we understood them, they are happening today too. Now they appear miracles, earlier they were being ignored by us. It is just what and how we perceive.
  5. If you look around negatively, you may find negative echo in the atmosphere, you are adding more power to it. If you have got positive attitude, you will like to search out what is the positive in all the happenings around you. Your emotions effecting others will also become positive and you may be welcomed if you go forward to them.
  6. If you feel positive, you may be able to talk to your sub-conscious mind to heal, get go and forgive for the wrongs done to you. You will relax, so will become your enemy.
  7. We must be careful about our moods and feelings. Because there is a strong connection between our feelings and our visible world. Your emotional expression can change your relationships very easily. They can become sweet and they can become strained too. Your emotions can do. Let them work in your favor.
  8. You must reject your bad thoughts. You must do your job in the simplest way which can be understood easily by others. Do something out of love only. If someone has harmed you, you must make analysis why that took place and if you had created any reason for that or not.
  9. Your emotions are valuable for you. Carry on them to build up good environment for you.
  10. You must care for the relationship you nurtured for a long period, even if you may have to sacrifice something.
Sometime ago, when I was on a pleasure trip with my wife to the nearby metro city, we went in a restaurant for lunch. As we got the seat, we ordered for the meals. For about fifteen minutes, we had been sitting idle waiting for the stuff while gazing at the door through which the groups of teenagers coming in. All the boys and girls were putting on the similar dresses as per the fashion. Since it was a place nearby a mall, the people preferred to flock in for the meals instead of having some eatables in the mall. Since the management of the restaurant had just announced happy hours to push up the sales, there was good gathering taking meals and having beers. The numbers of bottles were more than the persons around the tables. The waiter brought the meals to our table and we started to enjoy that while talking and looking around simultaneously.

As we were about to finish, we saw a couple coming in through the main gate. The hubby, a smart young person was pushing in a pram with a well covered child. They took the table just in our front. He adjusted the pram in a manner that it faced him. He ordered for some beer and meals. When the stuff came to their table, they started but keeping a vigil over the child. The wife got up and wrapped the child with blanket more carefully and then again started to have the meals. It was an adorable sight one but due to decency we turned our eyes away from it. It was then that my usually reticent, during-meals-only, wife made a cryptic remark, “Both of them are looking at the pram with such a great love and adoration! After thirty years, the father would be in wheelchairs and the son would be enjoying beer without asking and caring for the parents. Will the son then look at his parents with so much fondness?” Obviously, the answer was to be “NO”. Why so? Because our emotional relationship is loosing the sheen slowly and by the time the child grew up, it may become more adverse. It is therefore necessary that we must continue to have our emotional relationship intact so that in near future, we do not feel any desertion.

Make Emotions Work for You in positive terms – you will be happy again.