Make Extra Money on Weekends

Looking for some ways to earn money on weekends? Sometimes we need the cash urgently and sometimes it’s better to have a constant addition to our budget. So, rather than using the usual ways to earn cash quickly which you can find on any site, I have found several money making alternatives. Everyone could work on weekends and do more than just selling their furniture on auction websites. Check out the list of quick and easy ways to earn money on your weekends.

1. Freelancing

You choose what to do: either writing, filling out surveys or a graphic design; these are some of freelance works which will let you earn enough to be worth of your time. Work a couple of hours on weekends and see how it will improve your budget.


2. Clothing goddess

If one of your hobbies is sewing, creating outfits will be for you. You can make beautiful and interesting things from your old clothes and make money. One more option for having extra cash is making a small online shop for your works.


3. Live music

You can organize a concert if you have place in the yard. Ask a few local bands to take part and hang out placards in the street. Having entrance fee will provide you a small income.


4. Focus groups

It’s a good idea to try some focus groups if there are any in your neighborhood. You could earn a bit by telling about yourself for several hours. Nothing is easier. Make a research and find out what you can do.


5. Scrap

If you have copper, scrap this metal since its cost is pretty high at scrap yards. When you have found something containing metal, save it and earn money on it; it can even be a thing you have found in the street.


6. Computing

I’m sure everyone has such neighbors who are whining all the time about the computer. If you are good at computers and you can repair any computer or laptop, this is a great way to earn some extra money on weekends.


7. Become a Youtuber

Think about the option of becoming a Youtuber. It might seem like not a serious work, but plenty of us earn a lot from it! It’s not so quickly to become good at it but when you have your own audience and put out your content, it will be possible to earn plenty of cash!


8. Cleaning

The majority of us do not want to clean their houses on weekends after the busy working week. That’s why, you can have some benefits if become everyone’s favorite cleaner. The salary of residential cleaners is not so high, but if to be a commercial one, you will earn more than enough.


9. Pet sitting

The next option you can take an advantage of is pet sitting. When your neighbors or someone else is going on vacation and needs somebody to look after their pets, be a volunteer! It’s easy to take care of animals; they should have just water, food, a comfortable environment and a bit of love!


10. Tie the knot

Assist loving people to get married by making the necessary certification. Most of religions ordain newcomers fast, approximately for several weeks. The payment is high, peculiarly when you live in a state where gay marriages are legitimated.


11. Direct selling

Selling cosmetics is a wonderful opportunity to make money, especially when you live in the area with not so many make up choices. You can choose such direct selling options like Avon, Tupperware or Lia Sophia, so find out what will be the best for you. Think about home parties such as a “cash for gold”. Be sure you will earn money in such a way, since a lot of women have beem using this tip for many years.


12. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the best options to earn some extra cash and one of the old ones too. Look after your neighbor’s small kids for several hours on weekends. You can take care of a few children at once (if you are good with them) having prepared some games and activities for children beforehand.


13. Work as an online proofreader

If you know basic grammar and punctuation rules, consider working as an online proofreader. Proofreading might be a bit boring work at times and you will not earn a lot of money, but you can earn good pocket money. Who knows, maybe you will like this job and you might even want to work every day, not only on weekends. This way, you will earn more money.


14. Tutor those in need

If you have deep knowledge in particular subjects and can teach another people, tutoring is the best way to earn money on weekends. Ask in your neighborhood if someone needs a tutor and if you are a good one, it will become your permanent weekend work!


15. Tax season

Assist another people save money and earn some too! Undoubtedly, the tax system is difficult. But when you are good at it, you could live pretty well doing someone’s taxes. It will be only a temporary job, but it should be included into your money earning plans.


16. Personal services

It’s known that we spend crazy amounts of cash on costly procedures at the salons. Make also money on it. Learn how to do aromatherapy treatments, massage or reiki. Buy a massage table and give your personal services on weekends.


17. Sell your own creations

Being talented and knowing how to make unique and beautiful things is a great opportunity to earn money. It doesn’t matter if you are a painter or a crockery maker, somebody will be fond of your works! You won’t only increase your income but could also develop your creativity.


8. Work in a restaurant

This idea is not one of the best ones, but working in a restaurant can help you to earn extra cash. Usually, restaurants need waitresses. Take a chance if you are mega lovely. Having lots of tips can raise your primary wage by 50%.


19. Bartender

However, bar tending jobs are competitive, but are a wonderful option for having extra cash if you get a job. You just need to be of a proper age and be able to mix beverages! You can learn that by finishing a quick bartending course. Surely, bar tenders earn a lot thanks to their tips. Be patient since it’s impossible to make hundreds of dollars from the start.


20. Crafts

The next idea of earning money is selling crafts. If you are a talented designer, you can create marvelous things. It will be possible to gain a lot when thinking smart and making unique items.


21. Become participant in an experiment

Do you know that you can actually earn money and assist scientists? You just need to become a participant of an experiment and sign the necessary agreement form. For example, NASA gives $5,000 to somebody who lies in bed for 3 months almost motionlessly!


22. Parking spaces

If you live close to events area, you can rent out your parking place during the game. Usually, parking places are expensive, peculiarly if you live near the Louisiana Superdome or Gillette Stadium where the majority of sporting teams stay.


23. Dog walking

It’s a nice idea to search for the dog walking work, of course, if you are fond of pets! You just need to go for a walk with a doggie for several minutes and clean after it. This is very easy and you will get paid!


24. Cover an event

It’s important for event organizers that their event is covered from all the sides. You can assist if you own a videocamera or camera. The examples of such events are funerals, weddings or concerts. You will also visit the event free of charge, which will reduce your entertainment expenses.


25. Play music

You can make extra money playing any kind of musical instrument outside. You should do it only if you are good in it. When your outfit is nice and you have chosen an appropriate place, your audience will be huge. Think about becoming a busker!


26. Personal shopper job

In today’s busy world, some people don’t have time even for shopping. If you are not busy on weekends, why not make some extra money as a personal shopper? Perhaps you think that there are no people who are really willing to pay you to shop for them. First of all, you need to find potential clients, then do your job well and you will earn lots of extra money!


27. Genealogy

Genealogy is the best choice if you like research. Many of us want to know who their ancestors were. You can assist people achieve one of their aims and make money, if offering your services to a community.


28. Sell your things

This tip is useful for those who are ready to get rid of unnecessary clothes and other things. Simply sell it! The majority of us earn money by selling items online on amazon, craiglist or ebay sites. Use apps to show your outfits to others to purchase and see.


29. Chores

Cutting lawns, cleaning leaves and washing cars are some of the things you can do for a little payment. Usually, neighbors don’t want to do irritating things but agree to work with somebody they know.


30. Antiques

The most profitable things are antiques. If you can find a treasure at a neighbor’s yard sale and earn good money from it afterwards, becoming a prof will make you rich.

I hope you have found these ideas helpful and you will use some of them to earn some money on weekends. Trying out something is certainly better than doing nothing and be run out of cash. How do you think? How do you earn extra money?


Make Extra Money on Weekends