Ways to Grow Out Your Hair

I know that some girls face numerous problems when they try to grow out their hair. For me that is also very painful topic as I have an experience of growing out my hair. But you should understand that hair care is a matter of science. In fact that is not so much difficult to make your hair look beautiful. Lots of women are mistaken when they think that great sums of money are necessary to reach the desirable result. I will give you some efficient recommendations for growing out your hair. Take them into consideration. Thanks to these tips now I have a long hair which I’ve dreamt about for months.

1. Consume Biotin

I think it’s not reasonable to use an abundance of different supplements when you want to have wonderful hair. You just need to take those things which can really help you. For example, one of the most efficient ways to make your hair healthy and long is taking Biotin. Besides, it will also improve your skin and nails’ condition. If you are afraid that the dose of Biotin that you take can be excessive for you I will dispel all your fears. Biotin is a kind of B vitamins and your body will never get too much of it. Such foods as fish, seeds, eggs and nuts include enough Biotin. Consuming it you will boost the growth and strength of your hair as this nutrient stimulates production of collagen in your body and also helps to rebuild proteins.

2. Eat Leafy Greens

It’s a well-known fact that all the greens are very useful for our body. Perhaps you’ll be surprised a bit but leafy greens work well for your hair. Folate, B vitamins, iron and Vitamin E can be found in this food. You can add spinach to your diet in order to provide your body with proteins. Eat leafy greens and you will look perfect as they give profound nourishment to your cells. I made it a rule to add some of greens to my daily menu and it really helps me.

3. Get Enough Proteins

When you have some problems with growing out your hair simply try to eat some more proteins. There is a stereotype that consuming plenty of protein will make your muscles like those of a bodybuilder. That is wrong. It will only give your hair a magnificent look. The main component of our hair is protein so its lack usually leads to the decrease of collagen production. Consequently, that will be the major reason for your hair not to grow. If you eat about 20-30 grams of protein during a mealtime it will be quite enough for your body. Moreover, you have a chance to lose some weight as proteins give more nutrition for your body than carbs and fats. I have tried to eat proteins regularly for a long time and as a result now I have strong, long and shining hair. To get enough protein I consume the following foods: nuts, eggs, seeds, fish, organic chicken and Greek yogurt. You can find the nutrients in lots of other products.

4. Much Sugar Is not Good

You should be careful with the amount of sugar which you consume as it can be the same harmful for your hair as too much caffeine and alcohol. If you are addicted to these things the breakdown of collagen is inevitable. It usually leads to hair breakage, acne and deterioration of your health. When eating much sugar you are subjected to stress and your mood changes very often. At such periods collagen in your body can be easily broken down. To prevent all these negative consequences you are recommended to walk more, do sports and communicate with your friends.

5. Use Coconut Oil for Moisturizing

I’m a great fan of coconut oil as I use it whenever possible. It’s a nice substitution for expensive hair serum, which I used before to moisturize my hair when it was dried. Now I’ve found out a new way for that and I’m really happy. The result is amazing. I just need to take a bit of coconut oil on my palms and apply to my hair, mainly to the ends. After, I dry my hair. You should definitely avoid putting this oil on the roots of your hair because it will make them much oily. Another way to use coconut oil is a hair mask. It can be used while washing your hair. If you want to make your hair brilliant try to put the oil after drying your hair. Gorgeous look is guaranteed for you. I’ve used this trick for many times to make my hair shining.

6. Excessive Heat Is Undesirable

Forget about all the tools for styling your hair. You hair should have some rest. Today lots of girls use a straight iron for hair and I’m not an exception. Certainly, that is very harmful for our hair. To avoid negative effects I bought more expensive iron with special plates which protect my hair from overheating. On weekends I also try to make some break for my hair and don’t wash it. It would be a splendid idea to dry your hair in a natural way with the help of air. Avoid using a blow dryer whenever possible. You can be sure that your hair will grow much faster if you don’t use excessive heat.

7. Don’t Wash Everyday

If you want to grow out your hair you should forget about washing it every day. It will only prevent you from the desirable result. Our hair is covered with different natural oils which are really useful. And every time when you wash it you take away all those oils. You can try to wash your hair at least once in two days. It will be definitely better.

8. Use Seeds and Nuts as Snacks

You can contribute greatly to your hair’s health and strength with the help of various nuts and seeds such as walnuts, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds and many others. Eating them you will enrich your body with selenium, zinc and B vitamins which are essential for growing out strong and beautiful hair. Besides these products include healthy fats which keep hair moisturized preventing from breakage. I regularly add seeds and nuts to my daily diet and it really works.

9. Tie Your Hair up

Very often women think it’s not important to tie hair up. If you are one of them I must disappoint you. That is a great tip which will help you to grow out your hair. In such way you will increase the flow of oxygen to your hair and the follicles will be more stimulated.

10. Try Hard to Grow Out Your Hair

The main recommendation for you is to be devoted to growing out your hair. I know lots of girls who had made so many efforts to reach the greatest result but at a definite time they gave way to boredom and simply stopped everything. Don’t make similar mistakes. If you decided to change your style and improve your hair’s look you should go to the end. Don’t cut it so easily. You can visit your hairdresser for regular trims only.

11. Oil Treatments

Oil treatment is an indispensable part of hair care process. Oils provide our hair with marvelous look and softness. There are two oils which are really fantastic for your hair. They are coconut oil and olive oil. You can experiment with an olive oil, using it once a week as a hair mask. Put it on your hair and leave for 45 minutes and after wash it out. Everybody will be fascinated with an elegant and brilliant shine of your hair. And you will be astonished with its fast growth.

I can convince you that growing your hair out is quite a difficult process. You will need some extra time and patience for that. All the recommendations which were mentioned above I tried in real and they turned out to be efficient. Do you want to grow your hair out? Do you have such experience? If you know any helpful tips you can share them.



Ways to Grow Out Your Hair