Make Your Presence Felt.

It is an aspiration hidden in our hearts that we must be given due importance as and when an opportunity arises so. If a person says to you that he never wished for any significance to be given to himself at any point of time in his life, he is lying to you – it is a natural human aspiration.
It is always better to keep the option open – you are the human being seeking due importance as and when it is so warranted. Every person must think about it whether he or she is giving due importance to the person(s) coming in the contacts. If he/she gives due importance to other one, he/she too deserves to be given the due importance.
You would be given due importance if you do something to make your presence felt, or that you must have been there (if you are not there). As you are aware, society is made of relationships and maintained through the application of ethical and moral codes to each other. Such codes are defined by our religions according to the circumstances prevailing locally. Whenever you hear an outcry of enforcing moral order in the society, you may feel to be returning to old fashioned values. The old fashioned values are often taken from the teachings contained in the old sets of the religions. Unfortunately, some values in one religion do not have the same value in other religion. To maintain the peace on the wider scale, between the various religions, we have to have tolerance. If we do not do so, there would be no peace.
If you point out some religious practice to be outdated, you may perhaps not be welcomed, nor would you be given any opportunity to explain why you differ. It is intolerance growing up in the world unfortunately. Everyone has a right to live in this beautiful world. However that right must not be exercised to harm other one. If you do so, you are exceeding your limits and there would be an outcry to re-impose upon you the ethical codes.
For centuries, unmemorable attempts have been made to reduce God to a set of concrete, conceptualised and ritualistic definition. It has served the purpose of those persons who converted the religions into the means of their earning making them almost chaotic, superstition ridden random belief system. God is everywhere – you need to feel His presence but He has been made to be a person like you. How would you make your presence felt when God’s presence is being personified in shape of some mortal person?
Today, Science is doing best to carry implicit pressing message that the universe is nothing but an energetic presence. As it continues to go deeper into the search of the matter, it gets mystified in observing the fact that matter is essentially a mass of energy manifested in myriad forms throughout the universe. Our old religions indicate the presence through the scriptures. Undergoing a radical change in its perception and understanding, it is now being realized that science and religion are not separate and mutually exclusive. Religion creates your beliefs and science gets those beliefs tested. Those beliefs not being testified in the ground tests must be ignored, and not be carried further. There in that process of ignoring, your contribution can make your presence felt.
Science also has come to see that it is an expanding universe. God – Giver, Operator and Destroyer is not creator but creativity itself. He is an uninterrupted process of creativity. As humans, our ultimate fulfilment is in creatively manifesting our energy. God is not doing anything – His presence is doing everything. A depressed person rejuvenates himself if he is reminded and asked to just imaging that his God is with him. Electricity does not do anything – it just energises your appliances. If there is any missing link, it would not be able to do anything. Hydrogen and oxygen can become water if electricity is passed through them.
You need to work like electricity – there are people who will perform the jobs as desired by you and you are just to create the need. But if you do not ask them to do what you wish, you will not get the results – alone you can not accomplish everything. Somewhere you may have to take some help from some one else. Accept it frankly and take help from others. You can give help to others too. You can make your presence felt.
We must realize that God is a creative presence, that you are a manifestation of God’s creativity and you need to create God every moment through your behaviour, your thoughts and your attitude towards others – we are the rock, we are the sculptor and we are the carved image of the Divine as well. If we do like God as we assume Him to be doing for us, the people will take note of your presence, your intentions and your working.
Be Happy – Make Your Presence Felt.