Man Must Empower His Better Half

A close study of the history shows that the person who commands physical power reigns over the other. It is the recognition of your physical strength over the weaker. But unfortunately, this recognition does not include the level of your ethics and morals. The rule of the might over the right as prevalent in the kingdoms of the animals has not been eliminated from the human society in spite of the fact that only the human beings have been equipped by God with the treasure of intelligence. Other species are understood to have lesser content of wisdom as we boastfully claim for. But we never think that we too are not aware of what we do about our better half.
If God has given the males physical strength, He has gifted beauty and intelligence to the females. Why do we ignore it? Why are the males so egoist that they keep themselves higher? Why are you so greedy that you do not wish to grant some powers to the females when you know that you owe your origin to them?
For some time, it was being thought that women must also be granted some rights – preferentially to enable them to come over the backwardness they had been put to by the male section for centuries. In this direction, some countries are doing well but the majority of the nations are still afraid because their governments are dominated by the males.
For many years, we have been hearing that India, one of the oldest democracies, is considering granting reservation to the women in the seats of its law making bodies. The women’s bill is taken up for discussions but for some reason, that does not become a law of the land. Whether that bill will bring about the social changes to empower the females or not is the matter of the future. But it is definite that it would depreciate the dominance of the males in due course of time, which would be in interest of the country.
Let us consider some of the provisions of the proposed women’s bill if that is passed and followed up in true spirits by Indian Parliament. According to the Bill, one third of the seats in the law making bodies like Parliament and State Assemblies to be reserved for the women shall be allotted by rotation, which means that once in every three elections, a seat will be set aside for women and for the other two revert to a general seat. How would it work effectually? A woman who wins in a reserved seat won’t have the cushion of fighting against other women if she again opts for fighting from the same seat next time. If her party wishes her or she too wishes to fight on the same seat even on the mixed plate next time, she would have to ensure results in her time when she fought on the reserved seat.
Critics say that there won’t be any incentive for elected representatives to work for their constituency if there is no guarantee that they will be allowed to run again in the next election. There can be short of accountability too. Further, it may prompt the members of Parliament/Assemblies to squeeze as much as possible from their constituency in one term. But the rotational system has something good also. It may give a blow to the phenomenon of pocket boroughs which have been enabling some persons to get elected from one constituency in a series of the elections. Misuse of the funds and relationships can be avoided if some safeguards are adopted to debar the women who are near relatives of the person elected on a general seat and later on that seat becomes reserved, to contest from that seat.
For some time, we had seen that female members of the family of the person who had been fighting earlier were fielded if due to some reason, the male member is not able to continue fighting. This practice is now being avoided on account of nepotism and growing awareness in the females for their rights once they get appropriate exposure. Similarly those parties who are asking for sub-quota in the reservation for women know that they are just hindering the way for their own interests. To solve this problem they can select the candidates according to their whims – there should not be any need for caste based quota system as we have already seen the grievous results of making caste-based reservations.
Actually the women have delivered appropriate results after they got recognition in the village level elections. If this process is continued to the superior tiers of governance, we can erase the inefficiency in the government working as they are found to be more focussed on the targets than the males. Time has gone when the administration with an iron rod was understood to be capable in the complex matters. They too have brain and understanding to ensure smooth working in every walk of life. Once they are empowered, they can help males for upgrading their life styles.
Be Happy – Man Must Empower His Better Half.