Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers : Well if you have mastered touching your eyeball twice a day or more probably means your wear lenses. However people use makeup to make a perfect eye statement but to take it to another extent people use colored eye lenses. But wearing lenses with makeup makes it little complicated and you can suffer from eye allergy, irritation or redness. I am a makeup freak and there is no way I am going to encourage you to give up makeup. Instead I am going to provide you with some simple tips that can help you avoid irritated eyes.

Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Clean Make-up Tools

It is recommended to keep your makeup and makeup implements clean. If you wear lenses you must wash your makeup brushes regularly or every third day. It is because not just it contains makeup buildup but also dirt, debris and bacteria and using it on your eyes means transferring it to your eye which can cause redness or irritation. This step is especially vital when you are wearing contact lenses. To wash your rushes you can use warm water with gentle baby shampoo, easy eye makeup cleaner solution or shampoo that are specially designed for cleansing your makeup brushes.


Be Careful With Your Waterline

Your waterline is in contact with your Myeyebb lenses and eyeball all the time therefore it is never recommended to contact lenses wearer to apply makeup on waterline. The thick and oily consistency of tight ling eyeliner blocks oil producing eye glands that can cause dry eyes and even sties. However if you are used to wearing kohl some precautions are, keep it minimum, always use freshly sharped pencil eyeliner to waterline your eyes. This will save your eyes from any bacteria built-on it. Secondly, if you are tight lining your waterline always wear disposable contact lenses.


Use Cream Eye Shadows Instead of Powder

Well who does not want a color pop on their eyes while getting ready for a special occasion or noteworthy date? Handling powdered eyeshadow is bit tricky it always gets on your cheeks and sometimes in your eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to use creamy eye shadows that has thick consistency and does not get in your eyes.


Use Cosmetics That Are Designed Specifically For Contact Lens Wearers

As I have mentioned about all kind of makeups are filled with chemicals that can cause reaction to your eyes. Therefore, always try to buy makeup that is friendlier for your eyes. These makeup products are non-fragrant, non-artificial, does not contain nylon or rayon fibers that can flake off your eyes and can damage your contact lenses. In other case makeup items labelled as hypoallergenic and non-cosmogenic products are best for your eyes. To know more about hypoallergenic makeup check latest post here.


Lookout Products Expiry:

Like everything else makeup also has expiry date. Never use an expired makeup products because the ingredients become toxin and can cause harm to your eyes. In addition to this, every time you open your makeup products bacteria and dirt jumps into it therefore it is recommended to buy small pack of makeup products that can be replaced soon.

Hope these tips would help you next time you are going to wear lenses and makeup at the same time.



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