Manage Your Mortgage Well (Part 4)

In continuation to my earlier submissions regarding mortgage, I may like to stipulate some prevalent mortgage kinds. While selecting Lowest Mortgage Refinance Rates, we need to take some precautions.
We May Choose the Right Mortgage
Indeed, there’s no better way to obtain the lowest mortgage refinance rates than by choosing the right mortgage for your needs. The wrong mortgage could give you a lower rate, but it will not make you debt-free in the long run. Eventually, you’ll be forced to take out another mortgage to rectify your mistake.
The Different Types of Mortgages

To make accurate and smart decisions, make sure that you are comparing rates for the same type of mortgage. It’s important to know as well what the pros and cons of each type of mortgage as these can help you determine whether you’re in the position to pay your loan on time.
Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you never want to compute for next month’s interest rate and if you’d like to avoid being taken by surprise by changes in your monthly dues then a fixed rate mortgage is the best for you. Fixed rate mortgages allow you to pay the same amount each month. Their structures, however, are rigid and if you wish to change a particular condition regarding your fixed rate mortgage, you’ll need your creditor’s approval first.
Fixed rate mortgages are generally long-term, often allowing borrowers to pay off their loans in a span of thirty years. Some of them require you to make balloon payments in the end; in such cases, you can take advantage of low-interest monthly payments but be sure you have enough cash to pay off the remaining balance of your loan at the final payment date.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Also known as variable mortgage, an ARM has fluctuating interest rates. They are ideal if you wish to take advantage of the exceptionally low interest rates for a given period but you’re also equally confident of your ability to pay off your loan even when the time comes that your loan’s interest rate increases. There are different types of ARMs available today, including but not limited to buy down mortgage, graduated payment mortgage, two-step mortgage, and negatively amortizing loans.
Interest Only Loans
Interest only loans may have fixed or variable interest rates, but they’re unique in the sense that they allow borrowers to pay only the interest for a specified period of time. When the allotted time expires however, the borrower will be given three choices: he can pay off the entire loan in one lump sum, refinance the loan, or proceed with a monthly instalment plan which includes interest and part of the loan principal.
Conventional Loans

These are different from other types of mortgages mainly because of their source. Conventional loans are offered by well-established companies. The requirements they set for borrower are similar to what you’d expect to comply with for bank loans: you need to offer evidence of your abilities for providing the down payment for the loan as well as proof of your assets, submit income requirements, and establish your borrower credit.
To choose the right refinance loan, remember to quote the lowest mortgage refinance rates you’ve acquired with the current interest rate you’re paying for your existing loan. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
Getting Low Mortgage Rates on Refinancing

Probably the deciding factor that joins a lender and a borrower is the mortgage rate. After all, when there are choices available to any consumer, a potential home buyer will more likely be drawn to the lowest interest rate offer. The lower it is, the more money they could save in the long run and the easier the payments will be. If finding low mortgage rates on refinancing is your goal, you may:
Maintain your credit.
A solid credit rating (or at least a decent one) makes you a desirable borrower. A lender will look at you and see someone who is a responsible, reliable payer. This means that the lender will get their money back as agreed. As a reward for your trustworthiness, the creditor will offer you low mortgage rates in case you want to refinance. So if getting these low rates is your goal, make sure your credit standing is in tip-top shape.
Never make late payments.

If you want low mortgage rates on refinancing, try not to miss any payments on your current loan. Making late payments or missing any payment will raise red flags and alert your lender that you might not be reliable borrower after all. Mortgages are built on trust and if that’s something you cannot offer, no lender in its right mind will give you the time of day.
If you’ve been a very good payer (at least for the last 12 months), you could expect to be on the receiving end of a low mortgage refinance rate.
Document your lock-in period.

Once you find a low mortgage refinance rate, get it confirmed through a written agreement. You need to show proof that you have, indeed, been offered that specific interest rate. This document will help you take advantage of low mortgage refinance rates – provided, of course, you obtain the loan within the closing period.
Do the math.

When you’re looking to refinance, you’ll probably encounter lenders offering zero closing costs and fees. While this may seem attractive, they may not always be good deals for you. More often than not, these offers involve a higher amount of mortgage rates. This will mean that you will pay more over the long term. If you’re looking for low mortgage rates for refinancing, try to consider the total amount of your payment to determine which plans will save you money.
Consider shortening your loan period.

If your current mortgage is a 30-year loan, consider shortening it to 20 years or 15 years if you can afford it. This will undoubtedly increase your monthly payments but you’ll save more in terms of the total interest payment over the course of the loan period. This is because with shorter-term loan schemes, lenders give you a low mortgage refinance rate. If you can spare the money for the monthly payment, go this route. You’ll be free of debt in just a few years.
Be ready for refinancing costs.

A mortgage refinance is merely a brand new load you’re taking out. If you’re looking for a low mortgage refinance rate, you’re likely to encounter costs associated with the loan. Don’t let the low refinancing interest rate distract you from other critical components of your loan.
It’s highly likely you’ll be dealing with fees for cost of survey, appraisal, prepayment, loan origination, points, title search and title insurance and of course, application fees to cover for processing and credit report checks.
Be Happy – Manage Your Mortgage Well.