Managing Depression in Older Adults- A Guide

Managing Depression in Older Adults- A Guide : Post the pandemic, people have started to take depression more seriously than ever. They now understand that it is more than feeling under the weather or plain sadness. In fact, it is diagnosed as a serious disorder and requires medical treatment.

While depression is fairly common in old age it is by no means a normal part of ageing. Therefore, if you suspect the presence of any of the symptoms, immediate medical attention should be your priority. Only a medical practitioner can correctly diagnose your symptoms. In this guide we attempt to get you acquainted with an overview of steps followed in the treatment.

Symptoms of Depression in Seniors

Although there are no clear signs of depression, however few of the symptoms are fairly common. You could look out for lethargy and lack of activity in a senior and lack of sleep or facing trouble while sleeping. Confusion or attention problems can also be encountered- which also point out to Alzheimer’s in a separate case. Side effects of medications taken for other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer may also contribute to depression. The pandemic has caused another layer of anxiety or depressive thoughts in humans as a whole which has magnified in case of seniors as most of them were already suffering from one condition or the other. Other symptoms to look out for can be:

  1. Loss of interest in activities which were previously enjoyable
  2. Lethargy or fatigue
  3. Frequent crying
  4. Suicidal thoughts or even attempts
  5. Aches, cramps and all other signs of pain without a designated physical cause
  6. Difficulty in carrying out tasks, mental fuzziness etc.

Treatment of Depression

The treatment of depression is pretty standard but customized to each patient depending on their situation. If you suspect yourself or your loved one is depressed, you must immediately make an appointment with a doctor. In case the senior in question requires assistance due to previous conditions, you could contact a Home Health Aide Agency Miami Lakes for a comprehensive assessment as well as a reliable home aide for caregiving and assistance purposes. At Healthcare of South Florida in Miami Lakes, doctors specializing in psychiatry or psychology mete out advanced diagnosis as well as treatment for depression using standard tests and psychological evaluation.

Once a medical treatment protocol is established, cognitive behavioral therapy begins. The therapy focuses on changing the negative thinking patterns and replacing them with positive action cues and steps. Troubled relationships or problem solving therapy all solve different purposes and are helpful for people with all kinds of depression.

Medication for treatment of depression

Antidepressants are the most common kinds of medicines prescribed by doctors. Not all antidepressants will work for you, therefore the doctor may try out several medications before finding the one that manages your symptoms without many side effects. The effect of antidepressants usually kicks in after 2 to 4 weeks. For older adults who are taking in more medications for other conditions, it is important to disclose them fully well to the doctor and be informed of any dangerous drug interactions that may occur. If you are living on assistance the home health aide from a trusted Home Health Aide Agency Miami Lakes will involve you in a lot of activities so as to manage the symptoms of your depression as it is found that regular exercise helps with mood upliftment .

Managing the symptoms of depression or living with depression is hard for seniors and you can employ all the assistance you require from your medical practitioner and specialised agencies.






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