Mend Your Life Yourself

You create your own reality, moment by moment, with the thoughts you choose to think and say. Your thoughts are result of your experience and your outlook how you wish to solve the problem with the experience if you have ever gained in the similar subjects. You won’t like to divert your views unless forcefully you are prevailed upon and ultimately you see comparatively some benefits in such diversion. You mend your life yourself.

Mend Your Life Yourself

Your thoughts produce your emotions, which, in turn, result in how you feel about particular event occurring in your life. It is amazing how people walk around feeling a particular way and do not understand that it is their own thoughts, or more accurately what they are telling themselves that is producing the feeling in the first place. This is why two persons can look at the exact same event and have opposite feelings about it. You are creating your own reality, moment by moment, with the thoughts you choose to think and what you say, both to your-self and others. It may be possible that you might be adopting two different sets of thoughts – one for convincing yourself and another to the outer world. You mend your life yourself.

Let’s explore this little further. Most people will agree, and science can demonstrate, that everything in our world is a field of energy and therefore has a particular frequency. The chair you’re sitting on, your car, your cat, dog, you and everything else including thoughts, have a field of energy or vibration. Recent scientific work has identified particular ranges of frequencies and scientists are able to measure them. Interestingly enough, negative energies, like anger and rage, measure very low on the scale, while positive energies like those given off by prayer and meditation reach the highest measurements.

At this point you may be wondering what this has to do with your thoughts. The second part of this equation is the universal law that states “The like attracts the likes”. This has been referred to as the law of attraction, law of similar and other names. What we choose to call it is not terribly important, what is important to understanding the part this plays in our lives. Suppose for a moment you’re in a bad mood. You’re feeling pretty negative. At that particular moment in time your personal vibration, the energy of your thoughts and words is in the lower frequencies. Let’s call this particular mood, “Frequency X.” Now somewhere off in the distant universe, there is another negative experience. Maybe it’s a flat tire, whose frequency happens to be “X” as well. By virtue the law of attraction, you will begin attracting that or some other undesirable experience to you. There are no accidents. The universe works on a specific set of principles. Abundance Advice can help you learn about the law of attraction in detail.

The good news is that the opposite is also true. If, for example, you are feeling great, having invested time setting and reading your goals and taking care to monitor your thoughts, intentions, and your internal and external dialog, you are now entering a high energy vibration and are in a place to attract other high vibrations, generally things that you want to have into your life.

I’m not asking you to accept this blindly only that you and see if this holds true for you. I’m sure you’ve noticed situations when, in a room full of people, one person seems to be the centre of attention. Why do you suppose this is? I’ll give you a hint, that’s it’s probably not her perfume; it is her looks or positive waves she is powerfully emitting but unknowingly. Similarly, you probably know people who are always having undesirable experiences in their lives. It is perhaps due to their negative approach.

These are the people who have a lousy time in even the best restaurant. They seem to travel with dark clouds over them and always experience things going wrong in their everyday lives. If you observe and listen to them closely, you will begin to see the connection between what they think and say and what shows up in their lives. It would therefore be advisable to adopt positivism, mend your life accordingly and be happy for ever.

Mend Your Life Yourself