Money Plays Significant Role For Your Good Health

Money Plays Significant Role For Your Good Health

Money Plays Significant Role For Your Good Health : God has given us life to live on this beautiful planet. And for living, He provides us with enormous sources and brain-skills to enjoy them. If we maintain our body well, we can enjoy them. If we do not maintain well, we may not feel easy with them, sometime the good weather may seem to be pinching us instead. We need good health in our whole life.

If we define Health, we can say that health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living being. In humans, it is the general condition of a person’s mind and body, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain.

How can we maintain our body well? How can we ensure good health or well-maintained body? By doing exercises, regular work-outs, having nutrients from time to time or some other method? For anything, we may need money.

A good health means to include our good health in terms of our good mental, physical and social status together. When we talk about the significance of money in our life in relation to our health, we find that money is similarly so important to our life as we need food for our body. As we can not live without food for a few days, we can not survive for long without money.

How does money affect our health?

As we all know money is the most powerful thing in whole world! We need to manage it well. If we have sufficient money in our hand, we can even hire a man of intelligence and then, why can’t we ensure good health for ourselves. In a Government Hospital, we can witness many people dead because they could not afford good treatment but the people who have money, stand cured even from Ebola.

Money can buy more health.

It is true that if we do have healthy body, we can earn more money. But maintenance of a health body needs good food, good knowledge, good doctors, good preventive measures and screening for which we need sufficient money. This way, money can earn health. If we have no money, with the passage of time our health will deteriorate. A vicious cycle will occur. If we can have money the positive cycle can easily prevail.

It is also true that we can get sick at any time, and in some severe cases, we may need hospitalization and surgery. In a study, it has been certain that during hospitalization and surgery, 90% chance is there that the doctor remains extra conscious about our recovery and makes no mistake. Normally too, good health needs education, nutrition and proactive check-ups. All those require a bit of money. Money has an important role in ensuring good health which is necessary for long life.

If we have money, we can have health insurance, organic food, relief from financial struggles and excessive stress which is a detriment to health. Even if we are sick but have sufficient funds, we can procure the best care in the world. Medical care has progressed far enough to ensure the rich the best in terms of comfort and medical care which a poor can not afford to survive longer.

Here, I may need to add more emphasize to say that if we avoid spending money in our health, we may end up having none of either of money and health. Taking care of our finances only and neglecting our health can have cruel consequences in how much money we can get, which in turn will negatively affect our health. It is circular logic.

We must know that eating a proper diet also takes money. The price of meat, vegetables & fruit is not significant. If we aren’t eating right, our health will definitely suffer. We should not have pre-existing conditions to invite a greater risk. For want of money, we can not avoid medication which is often a necessity, especially after age 40. Prescriptions can cost a small fortune. Then, there are the visits to the doctor … Routine exams … Flu shots, etc. To add into the mix. Again, it takes money to get these things done.

We can’t function and enjoy life to the full with a serious or mild illness for a long period and if we’re in pain much of the time. Our quality of life will diminish dramatically that no amount of money will be able to put back, if we do not care for ourselves timely.

With the above statements, I’m not saying money isn’t important but it’s not worth destroying one’s health over and if we are rich with poor health we’ll realise we’d sacrifice most of our material wealth just to gain our health back, be able to function normally and be pain free.

Similarly, good health is also necessary to earn sufficient money for survival. If a man has immense riches but is in grip of incurable illness, he may not be able to enjoy his riches in his life and will repent over his decision of running after money and not caring for his illness at its initial stage. We need to prefer our priority of good health at all the time. For example, we may prefer to work at a fast food shop with minimal wage than to work in a mill factory with better wages because the dust particles slowly accumulating in our lungs will cost us more in long terms.

Now, I may stress upon a few suggestions to ensure better health with better possibilities of earning money :

1. Our insufficient Sleep Affects our Finances

Lack of sufficient sleep can cause us to make many poor decisions which may lead to poor financial decisions. It could be as simple as buying a magazine that we don’t need at the grocery, or as big as drastically overpaying for a new car.

To Get healthier, our first step should be to commit to an earlier bedtime in order to get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night not for every working person, but even for students, professionals as well as housewives too.

We must make sure to follow proper sleep hygiene, like hanging room-darkening window treatments, setting our thermostat to about 65 degrees, and avoiding the use of electronics (like that smartphone!) before hitting the sheets.

If nine hours seems too tall an order, look instead for windows in your day to catch a quick, 10-minute power nap. Napping can increase memory and cognitive function, which may just be the boost our need to be more alert at work—and make smarter money decisions.

So we may catch up on some extra winks on the train to work, or on a Saturday afternoon, and soon enough, a financially productive year next won’t just be a dream.

2. Our Improper Diet Affects our Finances

Eating too many restaurant meals is a hallmark of poor nutrition—those who indulge too often have higher levels of obesity, body fat and unhealthy BMIs.

Plus, as anyone carefully tracking his expenses can attest to, dining out can also wreak havoc on the wallet. According to the USDA, a family of four eating moderately at home will spend about $245 per week on food—that’s half of what they’d shell out eating at restaurants.

Not only heavy on wallets, eating high-fat restaurant meals may also affect cognitive abilities. Rats eating a high-fat diet for several days showed signs of short-term memory loss and lower levels of brain function than those receiving a low-fat diet over the same period.

There are a lot of parallels between good eating habits and good financial habits. If we don’t have the discipline to say no to junk food or count calories, we probably make a lot of impulse buys and have trouble balancing our finances. Self-control is the key to good financial health, as well as a healthy diet.

To get healthier and good finances at our disposal always, we must plan our meals in advance even if we go out for a few meals during the week, it still helps prevent our decision to stop at a restaurant instead of eating a good, home-cooked meal.

3. Our Exercise at GYM or Health-clubs Affects our Finances

Exercising regularly is no easy feat. But skip this good-for-you habit, and you’re likely to sacrifice more than just a smaller pant size.

For starters, regular exercise results in more energy for our brain, boosting our cognitive ability and sharpening our memory. So, one consequence of staying sedentary could be that we’re operating at a significant disadvantage at work, compared to our more active coworkers.

We could also be missing out on a positive attitude that could help us tackle our finances head-on. Exercise can improve confidence, which can help people make more informed decisions and take the meaningful actions necessary to reach their goals. We may try to undertake Yoga at home. That can give brilliant results for our health improving without involving much financial costs. We can undertake going on cycle to our work place or morning walks.

4. Our Stress Affects our Finances

Sure, a healthy level of stress can keep us motivated to stay on task and get things done. But, these days, many of us suffer from unhealthy amounts of stress—which can lead to decreased productivity at the office.

Among workers who say they are experiencing high stress levels, 57% reported that they were disengaged at work. The stressed-out crowd also said they missed more work than their peers. Stress can take a toll on our wallet. We try to get drugs to dissolve our stress and after some time, we become addicted to them.

To be healthier we must try to reduce stress even with baby steps which can make a difference to our well-being by taking notice patterns as to what causes stress, and how we react to it. Then, instead of buying things as a result, we may focus on doing things. So whenever we need a break, we should pick up a good book, declutter our table, call a friend, or go for a jog

5. Our Depression Affects our Finances

Stress isn’t the only negative emotion that can lead to overspending—sadness has been proven to have the same effect … with some pretty serious, straightforward financial consequences.

In fact, individuals over 50 with debt have been found to be eight times more likely to report feeling depressed than those who live comfortably. Having access to physicians, mental health support, and medications is certainly one piece of the puzzle—but there are actionable ways to reduce our financial burden on our own too.

For starters, we can adopt the “snowball” method of paying off debt. We may list out all of our debts, and rank them according to the highest interest rate. From there, we pay the minimum on each, but tackle the highest-interest card with full force. Once that debt is paid off, we move onto paying off the next high-interest debt and the next—until we’re completely debt-free.

If, along the way, we still notice a depressed mood is continuing to sideline our progress, we must try to gain some “thinking time” before we pull the trigger on new purchases. For example, if we see a pair of shoes and think we just have to have them, we may wait a couple of days before buying them. After that, if we still want them and can afford them, we may go ahead. But often, we’ll find that we don’t really need or want that item like we thought we did.

6. Our financial management can improve our health.

Good Life is important for us and good life means good health as well. Good health can be ensured with good finances at our disposal as and when required.

It is true that money does not come itself. That has to be earned out of great efforts. If by chance due to some inheritance or lottery, we may get some fortunes effortlessly, we must know how to manage them. Otherwise, after a few days, that fortune may disappear. For this, we can have our earnings and expenses out of them, displayed on a spread-sheet for 30 days and study them which expenses were essential for us and which expenses can be delayed or reduced and how our earnings can be enhanced. If we note down the outcomes, next month we can save some amount for better purchases to ensure better health for ourselves and our family members too.






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Money Plays Significant Role For Your Good Health

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Money Plays Significant Role For Your Good Health