Natural Hair Treatments

Autumn is here, so it’s time to start with all natural hair treatment. Cold weather and dry air can wreck havoc on your hair. Plus, the vitamin D is mostly gone and we should give our hair additional nutrition to be ready for the autumn hair trends. Here are a few natural hair treatments that work like a charm.

1. Egg


Egg is fantastic for nutrition treatment. It is full of healthy fats and proteins, which are so important for all natural hair treatments. If your hair is inclined to oil, it’s better to use only egg whites and if your hair tends to be dry, you can take the egg yolks. Take 1\2 a cup of any part of the egg which fits your hair needs, mix and smear it on the damp hair. There is a trick: leave the egg for twenty minutes for better result. Then rinse it with cool water and clean as usual.


2. Olive oil and lemon

Olive oil and lemon

If you have a problem such as itching scalp, this hair treatment can help you. Stress, care products or dry air can cause itching scalp. To add some moisture to your dry hair and reduce flaking, use the mixture of olive oil and lemon. Take two tablespoon of lemon juice (the best is fresh), olive oil and some water. Mix it and then massage onto the scalp. Leave it for twenty minutes and rinse as usual. The ingredients do a good job: lemon is for exfoliating and olive oil is for moisturizing.


3. Coconut butter

Coconut butter

The best thing for body’s nutrition is coconut butter. The same can be said about coconut butter as hair treatment. Just like eggs, it is full of proteins and fatty acids. Additionally it helps to reduce damage from UV rays on your skin and hair. For this mixture the coconut butter should be room temperature. Warm up the butter in your palms and apply to your hair as a conditioner. Such procedure is especially good before and after a day at the beach additionally leaving yummy hair smell.


4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil gives a good nutrition. Melt down the coconut oil and then wait until it cools. Using your palms, put the oil on your hair and massage. Leave the coconut oil for a while and then shampoo your hair. You will get fullness of it.


5. Baking soda

Baking soda

All these hair preparations can leave so unwanted built up. If your hair does not feel clean or gets weighed down, try to use baking soda to get rid of this feeling. All that you need are two tablespoons of baking soda and a half cup of water. After mixing all ingredients, massage it into the hair. Start from your scalp and go to the ends. Leave this mix for about fifteen minutes and rinse it as usual. You can use it twice a month or when your hair needs additional cleaning.


6. Avocado


A protein to fatty acid ratio really makes miracles for curly hair. That’s why avocado is great for hair treatment. In a bowl mash half an avocado and massage the washed hair. Leave it for about fifteen minutes and rinse. You can use 1\4 cup of mayonnaise instead of avocado. Mayo does not have all that nutrients as avocado but still helps you to moisturize your hair.



7. Yogurt


Plain yogurt is well known for high amount of probiotics. It helps hair condition and increases your hair growth. You need to apply 1\2 cup of yogurt to hair and wrap your head in a towel for better result. After fifteen minutes, rinse out thoroughly. You can add one egg to this mixture to reduce the wait time only to ten minutes. It gives you some additional frizz reduction.


8. Flour


Flour is good decision for those situations when your hair looks nice but the roots are not so fine and a bit greasy. Apply flour onto your hair roots using dry sponge or your fingers. Focus on the most oil area. You need for this only one tablespoon or less. Let the flour stay for approximately five minutes and brush it off. It’s great trick for multiple days in a row.


9. Honey


After washing your hair massage a bit of honey onto your scalp and leave it for a while. Honey will give a good nutrition to your hair. After that wash your hair. Do not forget to condition. This all natural treatment will make your hair soft and shine. You will look wonderful. Take this sweet treatment.


10. Beer rinse

Beer rinse

Many people do not think about beer when they are searching for a good all natural hair treatments. Beer rinsing is great for curly hair as it tames the frizz. It can go a long way. Beer rinsing also brings the luster out of your hair. It also repairs damage hair. Beer will give your hair healthy shine.


11. Cold water

Cold water

Changing the water temperature can dramatically change your hair condition. Do you dream about beautiful hair? The cold water can help with it. The pores of your hair is opened by the hot water, while the cold water closes it. So rinse hair with cold water. It keeps your hair shiny and rather soft.


12. Vodka


The thing about it is that you may want to drink it. Vodka is used after the shampoo and condition. It makes your hair shiny. Just one shot and your hair is beautiful. This drink is good all natural treatment.


13. Vinegar rinse

Vinegar rinse

Finally, vinegar is great for your hair. The thing about it is a smell, someone doesn’t like it but the vinegar really works. It completely washes away built up. All you should do is to wash the hair after using your shampoo and condition. And then let your hair dry. The vinegar rinse makes your hair amazing. It brings shine.


Hair treatments in salon can cost about few thousand dollars per treatment. It may seem funny, but it’s still work. Additionally it helps you to keep some extra money in your hand and treat your hair. Use all natural hair treatment and see the result.



Natural Hair Treatments