Tasty Herbal Alternatives to Coffee and Tea

Tea and coffee contain caffeine and it’s a well-known fact. But did you know that herbal tea can be a delicious alternative to them? Many people avoid drinking herbal teas because they believe those teas are not tasty. Even if you are a traditional English tea sort of girl, you’ll be impressed by these herbal alternatives to coffee and tea that don’t taste like just hot water with a hint of some fruit. Plus, you can mix it up with mint tea, fruit tea or green tea on a regular basis!

1. Licorice tea

Licorice tea

This tea is advertised as ‘comforting’. Not for everyone but still the drink has lovely scent and taste. It is a good cup of herbal tea to bring alone. I enjoy curling up in front of a fire on a dark winter evening with a good book and a cup of licorice tea. This tea tastes wonderful!


2. Spearmint tea

Spearmint tea

A lot of people drink peppermint tea as a digestive aid, or they just like the taste. But have you ever tried spearmint tea? The taste of this tea is much sweeter, lighter! It always reminds me spearmint sweeties. This tea is so refreshing and so good for digestion and settling an upset stomach. You can enjoy it any time during the day to help your body to adjust. For sweet taste you can add a little bit of sugar syrup, or try iced tea as refreshing summer drink.


3. Green tea

Green tea

Yes, green tea is a tasty alternative to coffee and tea. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps detoxify your body. Also this tea is nice for your skin and absolutely calorie free. So drink tea and enjoy its health benefits. Someone prefers to drink plain green tea, while others like to add lemon or mix it with spearmint, which is rather delicious. In the winter you can drink hot green tae and in the summer you can drink iced tea.


4. Butter mint tea

Butter mint tea

When you hear ‘butter mint tea’, you probably think about those buttery mints, which you are used to eat as a kid. But this tea doesn’t taste like this, only has a little hints of the flavors. The drink with vanilla and peppermint creates a real sweetshop-sensation in your mouth. Butter mint tea has amazing taste, but sometimes it is difficult to find it.


5. Lemon, honey and ginger tea

Lemon, honey and ginger tea

When we have a sore throat we usually opt for honey and lemon. Try ginger tea with honey and lemon, and you will find it as a spicy, warming drink. This tea is especially great in the winter. You can buy it in the shop or do it by yourself. Enjoy this warm tea and stay always healthy!


6. Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is also known as Red Bush Tea. It comes from South Africa and is really natural, caffeine free drink. This tea has great taste. If you want you can add milk, which is rather tasteful in the morning. You really need to try this tea as a good alternative to usual tea or coffee.


7. Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea

I love the smell of Jasmine. It is so light and fragrant! Jasmine tea can remind you eating out at Asian restaurant. You get rolled silver buds and tips of green tea with some jasmine flowers or a few ‘pearls’. It is a loose leaf tea. To make a cup of tea you need only a few ‘pearls’. Wait 3 minutes and your delicious drink is ready. It is an amazing taste of Asia in a cup. This tea is floral and fragrant. Taste it!


8. Blossom Earl Grey tea

Blossom Earl Grey tea

This tea isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it really has fragrant aroma with the scent of orange blossom and Bergamot. Blossom Earl Grey tea is rather heady, scented tea, that’s why if powerful aroma is not yours, you won’t like it. Actually this is a black tea which means that it contains caffeine. To make it not so strong you can add the milk and sugar. This drink still is good healthier alternative to a traditional tea.


9. Honey, chamomile and vanilla tea

Honey, chamomile and vanilla tea

A tea mix of honey, chamomile and vanilla tastes wonderful. If you are stressed such tea can help you relax thanks to chamomile, and will give yummy taste with sweet honey and vanilla. This tea is rather lovely. If you think that chamomile tea does not have much of taste, you should try this mix of vanilla, chamomile and honey. It really makes the difference.

As you see, there are plenty of delicious alternatives to usual coffee and tea. All you have to do is to choose one you really like. What is your favorite tea? Why? Please comment below and thanks for reading!



Tasty Herbal Alternatives to Coffee and Tea

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