All-Natural Health Care Products For Your Pet

Natural health isn’t just for people anymore. The furry members of your family can greatly benefit from all natural pet care products, and they can be used right in your own home. No more harsh, dangerous chemicals need to be applied to your dog or cat to rid them of fleas and ticks. Essential oils and extracts from plantscan do the job without harming your pet.

Traditional remedies

When using traditional flea sprays, powders, and collars, the harsh chemical smell lingers for at least two days. The labels usually state not to have contact with the pet for up to forty-eight hours after application, or to avoid contact with the skin when applying. These chemicals can cause more harm to the animal than good, in many cases. The side effects and warning labels are more than enough to give pause before using. If you would not want it on your skin, why would you put it on your pet?

When the weather turns cooler, more pets are staying indoors for longer periods, so naturally the flea and tick issue is a major concern. Natural pet care products can be used on the animal and any other affected area to kill and prevent future infestations of these pests. With no harsh fumes, in many cases the natural products have a very pleasant aroma to humans and animals.

1. Pest repellant plants

Pest repellant plants, such as cedar, have been used for many hundreds of years to ward off insects. It has a very homey fragrance, which actually complements the season in which it is more frequently applied. When combined with peppermint oils and extracts, these natural pet care formulations will kill existing pests and keep them from coming back, while leaving the pets and home without the harsh chemical reek associated with traditional methods.

2. Cedar shavings

In addition to using natural oils in a spray application, stuffing the pets bed withcedar shavings will give the treatment an extra boost. This can be found in most pet supply sections of the supermarket, in the hamster and gerbil section. The entire bed need not be filled with it, just about a pound should do the trick. Replace the cedar shavings every month to keep the aroma working for your furry family member.

3. Peppermint oil

A medicine dropper filled with peppermint oil, found in the candy making department or in a health food store, can be added to the bedding before using, as a freshener and an extra kick.


All-Natural Health Care Products For Your Pet