Ways to Accept Your Body

In contemporary society, there is a lot of emphasis on looks. Everyone wants aperfect figure and a gorgeous face. What’s more, people want to look younger for longer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. However, when women compare themselves to the images they see in the media, they often feel inferior and inadequate. Do you compare yourself to famous models, singers and actresses? If so, read on for tips on accepting your body as it is.

1. Reality Check

It’s easy to look at an image of a model in a magazine and wish you looked like that too. When you look at these images of beautiful women, do you stop to consider that they’ve been airbrushed to hide any imperfections? Do you think about the fact that the skinny model you’re looking may well be hungry and subsequently miserable? She is only that thin because her livelihood depends on it. What’s more, most women will never look like the skinny models in magazines. The truth is thatmost women just aren’t built that way. If you aren’t naturally skinny, you won’t look very thin unless starve yourself to do so. Do you really want to go through that kind of torment just to look a certain way? When you stop to consider what models have to go through to achieve that skinny look, the idea doesn’t seem nearly as appealing.

2. Improving Your Confidence

You might find that you cannot slim down to a size two. That doesn’t mean that you should dislike your body, or give up on physical fitness. Exercising regularly and eating a diet that includes a lot of fresh whole foods will help improve your physique. It will also boost your confidence, energy levels and general health.

There are other things you can do which will help you to accept your body.Positive thinking is quite effective when it comes to improving the way you feel about your physique, but it takes a lot of practice. If you want to feel confident about your body, you have to stop focusing on your flaws and concentrate on your assets. For instance, suppose you have excellent abdominal muscles but your triceps are out of shape and flabby. If you focus on the fact that you’ve got ‘bingo wings’ and ignore the fact that your abdominals are in excellent shape, it will have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem. Instead, you should keep your focus on your smoking hot abs when you look in the mirror, and work on your triceps when you exercise.

3. Be Reasonable

You will never be happy with your body if you compare yourself to other women. For example, imagine you are five feet ten inches tall, and your five foot friend has a waist ten inches smaller than yours. In that situation, trying to get a waist like your friend’s would be both ridiculous and futile. You can only enhance the body you inherited genetically. Your fundamental body shape will remain the same. Hence if you aren’t small and petite, you shouldn’t expect to obtain a twenty inch waist via diet and exercise. Always remember that you can only improve the body you have. Trying to look like someone else will leave you feeling inadequate and disappointed.


Ways to Accept Your Body