Natural Remedies for Hair

Hair may shed more in autumn than in summer. After all of the dryness and heat exposure during the summer, autumn should be a time to rejuvenate your tresses. Since hair types are different, here are a few remedies for straight and curly hair.

Remedies for curly hair

1. Make hair tangle free

Curly hair often encounters frizz problems. One can apply a paste of yoghurt and cucumber before taking a bath. The paste can be applied twice or thrice a week as per requirement. This helps keep the hair smooth and tangle free.

2. Moisturizing

Curly hair can become dry. It may be helpful to apply essential oils regularly, especially in the dry season of autumn. Coconut oil helps keep the scalp cool and the roots of the hair strong.

3. Oil consumption

It is also advised to take in corn oil orally three days a week. This gives the hair a glow and strength. Protein is required too. Meat and eggs are excellent sources of protein.

4. Massage Your Scalp

A paste of henna leaves in mustard oil when applied to the region of thinned hair or baldness can revitalize the scalp and eliminate further hair loss.

5. Conditioning

Curly hair needs special treatment. There are special conditioners available for curly hair only. These can be bought and applied regularly.


Remedies for straight hair

1. Wash well

Hard water causes hair damage. Try diluting the shampoo with mineral water. This is less harsh on the hair.

2. Onion scrubbing

If balding occurs or the hair line has thinned tremendously, onion can be applied to the bald patches. This is an effective natural hair loss treatment. This can be applied twice a week.

3. Hair cut

Long hair generally tends to have split ends. A good hair trim is a remedy for split ends.

4. Beer

Washing off the hair with beer before a bath is also effective for hair loss. This can be done two days a week. Beer moisturizes the hair and strengthens the follicles.

5. Leaf of amaranth

The fresh juice of an amaranth leaf helps hair grow and be soft. A regular application of it is fruitful.
People are rightly conscious about their hair. Take care of your hair with these helpful remedies, and your scalp will thank you.


Natural Remedies for Hair