Tips for Ideal Nails

It is fashionable for you to change your nails as a way to welcoming the fall season. And just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean your nails have to take a fall literally as well! When fall comes, there are so many nail guides to take into consideration. For example, it’s not ideal for the color of your nails to be in bright tones, but it is time for you to embrace dark hues. Here are a few tips:

1. Blue is the color for the Fall Season

Make sure you pick the right tone: Inky Blue and Midnight Blue.

2. The colors of the leaves change

So why not mirror the change to your nails too? Scarlet, chestnut, and deep burnt rust are the perfect autumnal shade for you to wear.

3. Jet black nails are super appealing

By wearing dark nails with preppy and pretty pieces such as pleated skirts, oxford heels, and button downs, you’ll keep your black nails looking cute and classy.

4. Red

A red that is a classic – like crimson – would be a wise choice instead of wearing a cherry one for fall. This crimson shade would go well with your lace and tweed ensembles.

5. Go nearly nude with your nail polish

A clear polish works wonders. You can even be pretty in pink too. Never underestimate the power of neutral colors.

6. Royal purple

Royal purple is an excellent choice for the Fall Season. This color is great for dressy events.

7. Metallices

Metallics are great for the fall season. Shine and twinkle will add more life and vibrance to your nails. They are also eye-catching and luminous.

8. Gem stone polish

Gem stone polish and anything striking are also good for fall. A striking polish can help you transition from playful to sophisticated.

There are so many brands to choose from – Lipmann, Dior, and Zoya are just a few that can bring excitement and beauty to your nails. The most important thing to remember this fall season is that no matter how many leaves seem to fall to the ground, your nails and your fashion sense must never go through the same process. Have fun!


Tips for Ideal Fall Nails