Natural Remedies for Menstrual Pain

I’m sure that many women would agree that having menstrual related pain is one of the worst kinds of pain. It can stop you from enjoying your day and can leave you unable to do the things you need to do. These natural remedies for menstrual pain will help you to get rid of that crummy feeling and to get on with your life!

Natural Remedies for Menstrual Pain

1. Warm heating pad

Put a warm heating pad over your tummy so that the heat can relax the pain away. It will help relieve the tension in your muscles and reduce any pain you are feeling. Numerous studies say it’s as good and effective as any other pain relief medication!

2. Vitamins and supplements

Make sure that your E, D, C, B and A vitamins, iron levels, calcium, and thiamine are in check. Try taking a multivitamin supplement regularly. It can help relieve your menstrual cramp pain forever!

3. Massages and yoga

When I engage in activity that calm, relax and soothe my body, I feel much more at ease. Yoga and massages are one of the best natural remedies for menstrual pain! They help to relieve tension in the body and help to relax the muscles. Moreover, massages and yoga will make you feel at peace!

4. Exercise

Just because you are having your period doesn’t mean you can’t exercise! I don’t always want to exercise during my period, since I usually feel groggy or too tired. But, I know that exercising can relieve menstrual pain and the endorphins can make me feel much better. Exercising gets blood in the body circulating and can ease cramps.

5. Maca

Maca is rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and B vitamins, and it even has some fiber, minerals and protein in there. Maca helps balance your hormones and relieve tension in the muscles. The potassium in it also helps relieve pain. So be sure to add this fab veggie into your diet!

6. Pay attention to your diet

If your diet usually consists of carbs, junk food, and sweets, you need to change your diet immediately. When you eat nutrient-rich, organic and whole foods, you have a greater chance of having less severe cramps. Eat right and you will feel right!

7. Sex

Sure, it sounds strange, but sex could do wonders for the pain you are feeling! When you orgasm it releases oxytocin, causing uterine contractions that help relieve pain! To tell the truth I don’t like this natural remedy, but if you do, so why not?!

Which natural remedies do you use for menstrual pain relief? Please comment below!


Natural Remedies for Menstrual Pain