No Time for Advertisement Production? Try This Video Ad Maker for Free!

No Time for Advertisement Production? Try This Video Ad Maker for Free! You have great clients. You have dedicated employees. You’re running a productive business that just needs a little push to hit its full potential. You’re already 90% of the way there, so how do you get that last 10%? It’s a tricky question. While there are all kinds of things you can do to improve even the best business, most experts would say that the best place to start is with advertising optimization.

Advertising needs to be targeted directly at your audience. So it will immediately grab customer’s attention and keep them reeled in. Video advertisement is the best solution. After streaming through hundreds of sites, most of which have boring banner ads or intrusive pop-ups. A great video ad will stand out like a sore thumb in your customer’s mind. But it’s so expensive to make a video! Promo’s here to help. It’s the video ad maker of your dreams.

Why Should You Use A Video Ad Maker?

Videos are all the rage on the internet today. From popular streaming sites to video-sharing platforms, the internet’s denizens increasingly expect to see live and exciting content from the pages they visit. They want eye-catching animations with movement and theme audio. The ads of yesteryear are no longer catering to the needs of this huge demographic. They’re stuck in the past!

That’s why videos are key. By priming your advertisement with moving pictures, you’re sending a message to prospective clients. You’re letting them know your company is hip and modern. That’s with good reason, too. In today’s increasingly competitive market, customers expect high production value and professional advertisements from the websites they visit.

What Goes Into Video Production?

Video production is a tricky business that costs companies billions of dollars each year. Many professionals are involved at the different stages of the process – each one requiring pay, effort and time. These overhead costs are substantial.

Video production demands, at a bare minimum:

  • A high-quality camera. This is vital for reeling in a client. While simple iPhone cameras and cheap devices you might buy at Wal-Mart work for home movies. They aren’t tolerable to customers in professional settings. There are many difficult aspects to shooting films with a camera. Specifically, it requires knowledge of direction, lighting, and camera angles. Therefore, many companies have to hire professional directors to get the job done.
  • Recording equipment. Many advertisements come with voice-over. That needs to be recorded with a microphone or some other device. Usually, this is done after a shoot and requires an entirely different set of skills. Most marketers use a professional studio when this is necessary.
  • Good and thematic music needs to be chosen for a video. That usually requires a good deal of thought. There are several places online where one can purchase royalty-free music. Otherwise, direct negotiations with record companies are likely to be required. Core importance is to ensure that the video doesn’t violate copyright.
  • Editing software. After capturing audio and video, it’s time to combine them with the help of an editor. The editor will clip out any unwanted sounds and remove distracting film footage. It will also layer the voice-over and music together. This actually takes the most time in the whole process.
  • This is optional, but there are good reasons to put in the effort. Firstly, there is a large deaf community around the world. Secondly, it is easier for non-native English speakers to read English than to listen. Lastly, many people use computers with mute settings. Thus, by subtitling, you are expanding your audience significantly.

Many small businesses find all of that overwhelming. It’s a fact that high-quality video advertisements are like exponential multipliers to a company’s revenue. Still, for some companies, the buy-in cost of getting started is so high to decide right away.

So What’s The Solution?

  • Out of the box: Promo is like a business’s dream come true. All of the problems of production disappear like magic. You don’t need any fancy editing software. You certainly don’t need any lawyers to negotiate to get approval for music licenses. Honestly, you don’t even need a camera!
  • Make a difference: Promo offers dozens upon dozens of templates that can easily be adjusted and tinkered with to fit your needs. It has a diverse library of music that should suit any conceivable situation, all free of any royalties. If you do have a video or music you want to use for your ad, Promo makes that a breeze.
  • Boost your Business: If you’re a small-business owner looking to give your company a leg up or even a marketing agent who needs to simplify your production routine, Promo might be the right video ad maker for the job.

Try it for Free: Best of all, it’s completely free to get started. Promo knows the needs of its clients, and it knows that making you buy a product without letting you try it is a huge disservice to its customers. Its free trial should give you more than enough time to get comfortable with the program.








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No Time for Advertisement Production? Try This Video Ad Maker for Free!

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