Ditch the Cable with Wireless Car Charging

Ditch the Cable with Wireless Car Charging : Wireless charging has been around for a while, but has only grown in popularity recently. Many people who have ditched cable charging do so for several reasons, including the annoying tangling effect. Today, using a wireless car charger has helped many people maintain a good battery level on the go.

Conventional charging methods were also slower when compared to the modern wireless car charger. And the price difference isn’t that much, bearing in mind that you get all of the former features and many more.

We have continuously witnessed more and more devices having wireless charging provision. In fact, most of the mobile phones coming out recently don’t miss the wireless charging feature. Pundits in the industry argue that it’s only a matter of time before charging ports on mobile phones disappear completely. If anything, this will improve the waterproofing and the overall design of the phone. Here’s why you need to ditch the cable and get a wireless car charger:

Less Clutter

Cables are so annoying due to their intertwining nature. Take even the example of earphones in your bag. Once you pull them out, you’ll be frustrated at how they tangle. But with cordless Bluetooth earphones, the experience is smooth.

Consequently, having a wireless car charger helps to make your charging experience effortless. You’ll have less clutter on your dashboard. And we probably all know what clutter does. To say the least, it affects our concentration. Losing concentration, especially when you’re driving, is the worst thing that could happen. Experts argue that it only takes a split second distraction to cause an accident.

While using a wireless car charger, you reduce the level of distraction that you would have experienced looking through entangled cables. Besides, even your car looks orderly with a wireless car charger as compared to a corded one. A messy dashboard will only add stress to you.

A Wireless Car Charger is More Durable

Using a wireless car charger reduces the possibility of wear and tear. Pulling cables and inserting them into charging ports will in due course weaken both devices. Most of the time, you’re doing so in a rush so that you can avoid lengthy distractions. And when in a hurry, attention to detail is only a thought in the mind.

Let’s face it – how many times have you hurriedly picked up a call, or even just took it in a hurry when it’s still plugged in? For some people, it’s uncountable a number of times. This aggressive ripping or ejection from the charger is what causes a lot of wear and tear.

Another act that many people do, sometimes without even noticing it, is plugging your phone in and out without paying attention. We even end up jamming the charging port, and this destroys it with time. Have you ever sat back and wondered how your charging port became loose and weak? It’s probably due to the ‘weight-lifting’ effort you use when charging it.

With a wireless car charger, this problem doesn’t exist anymore. All you need to do is drag and drop your device and have it juiced up in no time.


We’re all used to touching and dialing our phones often. And having it straight on your windshield or dashboard is convenient when you want to use it in transit, you can simply pick calls hands-free, and even use navigation apps such as Google Maps. It’s difficult to do either of the two with a wired car charger.

Also, the convenience of securing your phone firmly and at the same time charging it is unmatched. You also have tons of other amazing features from a wireless car charger. It doesn’t get better than that.

Always Powered Fast with a Wireless Car Charger

Yes, conventional wired chargers can still boost devices to the full bar. But at what rate/speed did they complete this cycle? The current world requires speed, as people are always on the move. There’s no time to wait for eight hours just to have your phone fully charged.

With a fast wireless car charger, you can boost your phone for a short duration and continue with the day’s activities. Whenever you’re on the move with your car, simply drop the phone on the charging pad and have it suckle power. When it’s full, it automatically disconnects and waits for you to remove it when you’re ready to use it. Talk about efficiency.

You can get Android devices up to 10 watts fast charging and iPhones up to 7.5 watts charging. Most wireless chargers have a power rating of 15 watts.

Reduce Strain on Your Charging Port

When you’re in the house, your phone heavily relies on the charging port and cable. Well, this is if you don’t own a wireless charger. Thus, when you get on transit, you’d rather use a wireless car charger to reduce the strain. Save the charging port for rainy days when you don’t have any other alternative to use.


This is definitely the time to make the decisive decision to ditch cable charging. More and more individuals are turning to the wireless car charger option. You can join this bandwagon to experience the benefits.







Ditch the Cable with Wireless Car Charging




Ditch the Cable with Wireless Car Charging

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