Pilates but on Steroids – What is a Megaformer?

Pilates but on Steroids - What is a Megaformer?
Pilates but on Steroids - What is a Megaformer?

Pilates but on Steroids – What is a Megaformer? Apart from sounding like a character from the Transformers, this imposing piece of equipment has been praised by many celebrities.

With the ever growing demand for Pilates, the equipment is evolving just as fast. The original reformers are no longer fitting the norm. But how is the Megaformer being set apart from the crowd?

This hulking piece of machinery looks intimidating, but is that the reality? Let’s find out!

Megaformer vs Reformer

Both of these machines share some similarities; the carriage mobility, tension control and the long straps.

However, the Megaformer is much more challenging as it has cut out a lot of the reformer equipment and has more handles integrated into the platform and carriage, allowing the user to make rapid adjustments to tension and movements.

This machine’s manoeuvrability helps you twist and turn your body into an infinite number of positions, which means you work your muscles in innovative ways. Ways that the reformer does not allow.

Additionally, the reformer hasn’t changed since its invention back in the late 50s/early 60s by Joseph Pilates, whereas the Megaformer is continuously being improved.

So how does this machine lay its claim of being an improvement over the reformer? Well, here are the key things it offers:

  • Super slow tempo:

    Traditional Pilates sessions usually offer workouts with quick repetitive movements in target zones – usually core, legs, arms. With the Megaformer you use very controlled movements (generally following a 4secs in, 4 secs out formula) without using momentum.

    Working this way allows your muscles to be tense always, which activate the fat-burning muscle fibres.

  • Superfast transitions:

    Although movements are very deliberate, controlled and slow, there are almost no breaks between moves on the Megaformer.

    Pilates typically involved a short break between each exercise. This difference is due to the belief that a faster transition means more rapid burnout and muscle tiredness.

  • Intense workout:

    Based on the two points above, it stands to reason that the Megaformer offers more intense activity than the classic reformer.

    You can get your heart rate up, and a few exercises in you will be sweating already.

    Classic Pilates usually leaves you with sore muscles, but it doesn’t have a sweat factor as the movements are not coming one after the other, you can always catch a break.

  • Working several muscles at once:

    Pilates reformers usually target one specific muscle group with each exercise, while the Megaformer works on several different ones simultaneously.

    So if you’re working on legs, you can also work on your core and arms simultaneously.

    Plateauing is not something you will ever face with a Megaformer because of the variety of exercises you can do.

    There will always be options for increasing difficulty levels and other ways of personalising a workout for you that will leave you sore the next day, but still wanting to come back for more.

    To condense all the benefits of using a Megaformer:

    • No plateaus
    • High-calorie burn
    • Good option if you’re pregnant
    • Great core workout
    • Low impact
    • Harder pace
    • Involves the whole body


As you can see, this bulky equipment lives up to its name. The Megaformer will work out your whole body but leave you feeling accomplished. It can accommodate beginners and experts alike and can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

If, like me, you’re curious to find out more about the Megaformer find a class near you, or invest in your Megaformer at home.

Make this year, the year of health and fitness!



Author : Kornelija Dedelaite is a writer and researcher at Pearllemon who lives in London. When she is not writing, she can be found clutching onto her camera or planning her next big trip abroad.





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