Planning a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Fall is the most beautiful and romantic period for getting married. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and spring can bring some allergy problems. I think fall is the perfect time to plan a wedding. Personally I want to get married in the fall, because the weather is crisp, and the fall colors are breathtaking! If you are planning to have your wedding in the fall, here are some splendid tips for planning a beautiful fall wedding!

Splendid Tips for Planning a Beautiful Fall Wedding

1. Choose a wedding theme

First of all, you should choose the right wedding theme for your special day. Some of the most popular fall wedding themes are pumpkin theme and color themes. The popular color combinations include yellow, purple, orange, red, or a combination of two or even more colors among them.

2. Venue

When planning your dream wedding, choosing your wedding venue is one of the first and really important decisions to be made. There are many venues out there so try to narrow the choice by talking to your future husband about the look of your dream wedding.

3. Decorations

Let your guests enjoy the seasonal colors by decorating your tables with straw, colorful leaves, pumpkin colors, and dried flowers. Keeping within the yellow and brown spectrum of colors might be very eye catching. Such small details as using maple leaf place card holders or a leaf guestbook will make really dramatic statements.

4. Fall wedding dress

Make sure you choose a dress that fits both your wedding theme and your personality. It’s always a good idea to choose the color of the dress based on the colors for the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses are usually cocktail dress length in yellow, orange or red colors. However, be sure to avoid color clashes with skin tone or hair.

5. Plan your fall wedding menu

Now, it’s time to think about food! If you have a fall wedding than you should have a fall wedding menu that will highlight the food of the fall season – pecan pie, pumpkin pie, zucchini, squash, and apple cider with cinnamon sticks. If you have vegetarian guests, be sure to have something for them.

6. Fall wedding cake

Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, think of having a fall wedding cake. There are a great variety of fall cakes, just find a good bakery specializing in wedding cakes. Make sure you choose the most appealing and delicious cake appropriate for your fall wedding theme. Placing the cake on a dust yellow or light brown tablecloth surrounded by leaves would be an excellent eye catcher!

7. Fall flowers

Keep in mind that flowers are used not only for the bride’s bouquet, but for the decorations as well. You may want to opt for seasonal flowers that are available during the fall season. The cost of these flowers is less than 50% of the usual cost of other flowers, so you can save money for something more important.

8. Fall wedding favors

Want your guests to remember your wedding? Give them fall wedding favors, like copper leaf bottle stoppers, leaf shaped place card holders, or any other great wedding favors. If these favors are not your style, then find some small fall-themed gifts for your guests.

A lot of people want to get married in the fall, because they can use the changes in the nature, mood and color to plan out a colorful and creative wedding. Whether your wedding is small and casual or large and elegant, the fall is a beautiful time of the year to get married. Are you going to get married this fall? Tell me a little bit about your special day!


Planning a Beautiful Fall Wedding