Prolonging the Life of Your Plush Robes

So you have bought your plush robes and is all set to enjoy relaxing weekends cuddled up in your couch. A few weeks later, you notice a tear beside on a small patch in the bottom. Then you start to worry for your plush robe. Is this robe going to hold out for the remainder of your carefree weekends this year?

Are you going to have to buy another pricey plush robe just so you will not have to give up the satisfaction of being embraced by one? If you have ever had any of this worries, or if this exact example happened to you, then you might want to consider upping up the care for your prized possession. This article will try to guide you with simple tips and tricks that will surely prolong the life of your plush robes.

The main problem when using your plush robes will not necessarily be noticeable the moment you try it on for the first time. Even the few times that you have laid it on your skin might not even alarm any wake up calls. That dreaded day comes after you it gets dirtied enough to warrant a wash. It is for certain that even how your plush robes have been manufactured, be it by using the most expensive fabrics, it will lose some of its glory the minute they come out of the washer. Do not fret however as we have compiled a list of things that you should and should not do to keep your plush robes as plushy as it can be.

Tip 1: Learn Your Plush Robe

Not all of plush robes are the same. Due to the advancements in material science and fabric engineering, there are quite a few choices that you can buy nowadays. This brings us to the first tip which is to learn what exactly your plush robe’s characteristics are and how does it differ from others. The first step is to try to hold down that compulsive desire to just cram your lovely plush robe into the washer and let it spin for fifteen minutes.

That could indubitably reduce your plush robe to shreds and leave you to tears. Since there are many kinds of fabrics, there are also different ways in how to wash them. Look for the labels in your plush robe or the packaging it came with for tags and labels that could instruct you on how to exactly wash it. These tags or labels come with symbols that should be universally known or at the very least, easy to understand. As a simple guide, seeing an X written across a picture of an action or a device means you should not do that with your plush robe, ever.

Should you not find any tags or if you have accidentally ripped it off, you can look for clues online as long as you know what your product model is. At the worst case when you have no inkling on what your product actually is, call the brand’s hotline and try to describe to them how your plush robe looks and feels like. They should know the answer to that and can give a few pointers of their own before you can proceed to your laundry.

Tip 2: Do wash them first

This might be a no-brainer for some who find it icky to put on anything that has not gone through the disinfecting hands of the bleach and water. But for some of us who do not mind a little department store smell to go along our clothes, we should be taking a few notes from our fancier peers. The plush robes are often washed by industrial grade fabric softener that can often mess up with its ability to absorb liquid. This is why it is recommended to wash it off first before using. As a pro tip, use vinegar and not detergent to for the first wash because you are going to need something stronger to rub off those chemicals.

This might confuse a few because this article did say that washing plush robes marks the start of the plush robes demise, but hear this out first. If you do this right along with the other tips in this article, you will not have anything to worry about.

Tip 3: Do not wash with other clothes

If you have not noticed it yet, plush robe fabric is quite delicate and finer than your usual suit. This is one of a few reasons why you should set aside a different load especially for cleaning your plush robes. When you do not separate them from your other loads, these plush robes which has about a few thousand thread hoops bulging out can get caught in zippers, buttons, or any protruding feature from your other fabrics. You would not want your plush robe to be likened to a dead carcass with a few chunks chewed off of it would you? Another reason why you should always wash them separately is that they can be a danger to others too. When new, they will leave a huge lint residue that can mess up other fabrics when washed together.

Tip 4: Watch the color

Because plush robes are gonna get used to getting hot shower water all over it. You do not have to pile on its misfortune by having it washed further with hot water. This can fade the colors and destroy that luxurious look and feel that people often covet in their plush robes. Make sure you are drying it from the inside out as well. Who cares after all if the inside part of your plush robe gets dulled, it’s what people see outside that counts, and what you feel in your skin inside is what matters.

Tip 5: Ironing

To put it as simply and bluntly as possible, do not iron your plush robes. This thought should not even occur to anyone as there is really no need to iron them.



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Prolonging the Life of Your Plush Robes

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