Five Daily Exercises for Women Over 40

Five Daily Exercises for Women Over 40 : As women reach their 40’s, their body tends to bulge out which is certainly unattractive. For a woman, it is hard to exercise when she is working and raising kids both at the same time, yet to work out is very necessary to keep herself fit and fine.

If you are one among them, you will completely agree with this. Right?

Remember, as your body ages you need to take extra care of it. So, working out will help you to stay healthy. For a hale and hearty body, it is important to work out from the tip to the top of your body. Doing such exercises at home will not only keep your body in a good shape but also prevent you from all kinds of diseases. Hereby, eradicating all those back pains, aches which might make you feel like 70 years old when you are just in your 40’s is a smart idea.

Here are the five ways to make you stay fit and healthy in your 40’s if you follow those exercises in day to day life:

  1. Burpees – For Metabolism:

    Burpees will help you for a full body work out and each and every rep will work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. After, a few sets of burpees, you will feel a little bit forefront. Furthermore, it helps in boosting up the metabolism process which is quite a matter of concern in such an age.


    – Stand straight.
    – Lower your body into a squat posture.
    – Now, place your hands on the floor and stretch your feet back with your hips softly in a – plank position.
    – Jump back to the squat posture.
    – Thus, reach your arms overhead and jump.
    – Land immediately on your lower back into a squat and repeat.

  2. Squats- To Keep Your Bottom Firm:

    Each woman wants a round backside. It doesn’t matter even if she has it naturally, it is more likely to lose its space in the 40’s. If you are facing the same issue, you can follow the below steps:


    – Stand straight with your shoulder wide apart.
    – Sink your belly button into your spine.
    – Slowly bend your legs, lower yourself as if you are about to sit on a chair.
    – Stop when your thighs are parallel to the floor.
    – Lastly, pull yourself up through your heels and repeat the same.

    Plus, it will also prevent injury and improve the flexibility of your muscles.

  3. Planks- To Prevent Back Pain:

    Doing planks can strengthen your abs, muscles of your chest, and muscles around your spin. It helps in toning up of core muscles too. This practice will tighten your midsection and supports your lower back. Finally, you will get rid of any existing pain in your back.


    – Start with a push-up position.
    – Ground your toes and squeeze your glutes to stabilize your body.
    – Keep your head in a steady position, parallel with your back.
    – Hold that position for about 20 seconds without compromising on your breathe.

  4. Lunges- For a Good Muscular Health

    Lunges render your body with unique training. It stimulates your lower back, shape up your glutes and thighs. The effects of lunges are mind-boggling. In no time, you can observe the changes. Overall, lunges help in keeping your body in a proper shape.


    – Stand with your feet wide apart and your arms relaxed by your side with your shoulder stretched out.
    – Squat deeply to the left while turning right toes up and flexing the right foot. You should do it in such a way that your right leg remains straight and torso leans slightly forward.
    – Now extend your arms in the forward direction exactly parallel to the ground.
    – Return back to the starting position and repeat the same on the opposite side.

  5. Crunches- To Reduce Belly Fat

    Getting a flat belly is not an easy feat for women. It can be a little challenging process. It helps you to tone up your midsection and improve your body’s stability, posture and balance. In order to obtain a perfect belly, you need to perform crunches daily.


    – Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
    – Place your hands behind your head.
    – Slowly start raising your head and shoulder up from the floor.
    – Remember, when you lift your shoulder blades then make sure your lower back remains as it is.
    – Also, relax your neck and avoid putting your chin on your chest.
    – Hold up this position for two counts and then return back to starting position and repeat.

By doing the above easy exercises, you will feel energized and fit. These exercises can be easily done at home while enjoying a comfortable ambience around you.

These heart-pounding and challenging workouts will bring a remarkable difference in your body. Well, this is not a rocket science! It will certainly take some time but it is worth being patient. Thus, you should be willing to invest a little time and willpower to get the best out of these exercises when you’re at your 40s.


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Five Daily Exercises for Women Over 40

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