Pros of Working for a Small Company

While there are some benefits of working for a big company, there are also some great advantages of working for a small company. It’s wrong assumption that a large company offers more security and much better rewards than a small company, even though smaller companies face more of struggle to survive and thrive in hard economic times. Check out a few pros of working for a small company.

Pros of Working for a Small Company

1. There’s more flexibility in a small company

It’s easier for a smaller number of people to coordinate adaptable hours, time off and cover for absences, while in a larger company you may be required to clock in and out. You may also be restricted to a specific time of the year when you may take a vacation.

2. Mentoring is more forthcoming

Another excellent benefit of working for a smaller company is that on-the-job training is more easily accessible and mentoring is more forthcoming. In a smaller company you will have a closer working relationship with the management staff. At a large company, you might be only a face in the crowd and it will be difficult to get yourself noticed and it will take a while to work out who might be able to help you.

3. The scope of duties is much wider

In a large company, the scope of your duties may be narrow and you can easily be replaced. In a smaller company the work tends to be more full-on and hands on. Moreover, you may pick things up fast and as necessary. The scope of duties is a lot wider, since duties are shared between fewer staff. You’ll be exposed to more things and more quickly than in a larger company.

4. Good career prospects

Small companies offer fewer opportunities for promotion, but there’s far less competition. You will be recognized for your job well done and your achievements. One of the benefits of working for a smaller company is that you can learn a lot across all the areas of business if you want to start your own business.

5. There’s a much smaller captive audience

Making a good impression in a large company is not easy. Even if you have the best idea, getting it to your boss is a hard task, especially if you have a lower position. Moreover, in this cruel world of big business you do not know who you can really trust. Another benefit of working for a smaller company is that there’s a smaller captive audience and there’s a chance you will be heard.

6. There’s an opportunity to be more individualistic

If being more informal and relaxed suits you better, you will find it more easily assimilated in a smaller company. It’s one of the advantages that I like the most! Unless you’re a customer-facing member of the staff, dress code is generally more relaxed, so there is an opportunity to be more individualistic.

7. Recognition and reward

Many goals and tasks are generally seen as team achievements, so you should work really hard for any recognition and reward. Being fairly recognized and rewarded is a big factor in job satisfaction. And this is much easier in smaller companies. It’s also easier for them to reward you with a well done, bonuses, paid overtime, and a thank you.

I prefer small companies, but your aim should be the right job for you in the right company. Are you a large company or small company person? What other benefits of working for a small company? Share your thoughts, please!


Pros of Working for a Small Company