Qualities to Look for in Your Future Husband

I’m not a dating coach, but I think every woman should know basic qualities to look for in a future husband. If you are on the dating hunt, make sure your standards are set. Sure, nobody is perfect, but these ideas will give you a baseline of what to look for. So, read on to learn some must-have qualities to look for in your future husband.

Must-Have Qualities to Look for in Your Future Husband

1. Emotionally stable

If your man is affectionate towards you and he loves spending time with you, it’s okay. But if he is needy and has low self-esteem, it’s not okay! You need a man who is confident in himself and who can control his emotions. A man who is excessively needy or rude to other people is not emotionally stable. Remember, your man should be kind to other people and he shouldn’t act like he cannot breathe and live if he doesn’t see you every day. Also he shouldn’t constantly be emotionally up and down or be incapable of coping with common life problems.

2. Commitment

I’m not talking about commitment only in your relationship. You man should be committed to his relationships with his family and friends, to his word and to his job. He should help other people and stick to promises he makes others. Commitment is one of the essential qualities to look for in your future husband.

3. Financially smart

I’m not telling that your future husband should be rich, but he should be financially smart. Does your man have lots of debt? Is he capable of paying bills? Money cannot buy love, of course, but love cannot buy you money. Your man might be a great person, but he might not be good with money. Before you get married, make sure all his bills are taken care of and his finances are in the open. Sadly, money can ruin a marriage, remember it!

4. Open to any look you choose to wear

Another important quality to look for in your future husband is that he’s open to any look you decide to wear to express yourself. If you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, your man should not care. Your man shouldn’t care whether you’re wearing makeup or not and shouldn’t tell you to dress a certain way. It’s okay if your man likes you looking nice, but he must not tell you what to do. He must love you for you!

5. Affection

Sure you want your man to show you affection, but affection is actually more than just hugs and kisses and more than gifts. Is your man aware of when you are feeling bad or having a bad day? Does he give you attention to help you along? Make sure your man is attentive because if he is not attentive now, he is not going to be later!

6. Motivated

Is your man motivated to take care of his time, himself, his belongings, and his home? Does he take care of his home or car or does he lie around all day playing video games or watching TV? Is he motivated to look for a better job to provide for himself and you? If he is not motivated, he is not for you!

7. He must not tell you what you should weigh

Don’t allow any man to tell you what you should weigh. Otherwise, he will always be putting you down, and it can ultimately make you feel badly about yourself. Your husband shouldn’t tell you what he wants you to weigh. Your husband can be concerned about you, but he shouldn’t hurt you.

Well, girls, what’s your requirement for your future husband? Please comment below.


Qualities to Look for in Your Future Husband